Albero Gatchapon Festival


Well, you'd need to be blind to miss the Gatchapon Festival happening in Albero at the moment. I've been sorting out my inventory (down to 24k now, but I still have a bunch of stuff to unpack! ) and doing little else, and I've still been hearing about it everywhere! So, I decided to check it out today.

For those of you not in the know, a Gatchapon, or Gachapon is a Japanese capsule toy machine. Kind of like the gumball machines, that give candy, or those rubber bouncy ball machines. You put in an amount (it used to be 100Y when I was over there) and get a random chance of getting a neat toy. The great thing about Gatcha is that the Japanese have taken it to a whole new level, offering really great toys any kid (or adult) would want-- making Gatcha's very collectable. I love Gatcha in real life-- and I LOVE them in Second Life, as well. Albero's festival, as I understand it, has invited every vendor on their Albero and Ciccolata sims to participate and offer Gatchapon toys in their machines, with new toys every day! They're not free, but they're very affordable, and super cute to boot -- This is what I've found so far!

So, Artilleri really caught my eye, as she has one of the cutest prizes in the sim! Really cute beach stuff! I spent most of my money there, and luckily got no repeats! I also had a try at Katat0nik's machine-- but SL was being stupid so it ate four of my tries! however, later, I tried again and managed to get a bunch of cute hair and things. So here we go!

Bikini: Artilleri - Gatcha Bikini Seafoam - $35L - (Gatchapon Random Chance!)
Towel & Accessories: Artilleri - Gatcha Towel Seafoam - $35L - (Gatchapon Random Chance!)
Radio: Artilleri - The Levine Radio Pink - $35L - (Gatchapon Random Chance!)
Letter: Sanu - Love Letter - Gatchapon Machine - $52L - (Random Chance Color! Click on it and you get a poem!)

Headphones: Katat0nik - Black/Grey Cupcake Headphones - $25L - (Gatchapon Random Color Chance!)
Hair: Katat0nik - Pink Gacha Jamz Hair - $35L - (Gatchapon Random Color Chance)
Skin: ...showfunky - Olga in Love Skin - $80L - (Gatchapon Random Chance!)
Love Poem: Sanu - Love Poem - $0L - (You get it when you click on the love letter object in the other picture! 1 in 12 to be had.)

I have more Gatcha things to blog, but no time! My cache got cleared and my inventory is re-rezzing again, and I still need to sort between 23k of it, so I better leave it here. I'm thinking of blogging once a week now, because the frequency I did it at before took up all my time... also, my downloads are capped now, so I can't come on every day like I used to-- my downloads in SL used to be unetered before. So phooey. But I hope you like my first entry in more than a year!

- Duns

The Comeback!


Hello, tis I!

So, earlier this week I found myself with a lot of time on my hands; and slowly, I've been coming in world again. I've got lots of goodies planned for you, already. But fist I'm trying to sort out my 29k inventory! Eeek!

However, my great blogging comeback has been nixed. While writing up my entry, which I was planning to release on Friday, I was sorting out through my folders while sitting atop the roof of one of my beloved stores, and planning the outfits and photos to take. The place in question also had a freebie chair, which is what I was going to blog about.

Apparently, I was being incredibly offensive (!) to the landowner without knowing it. Without insomuch as a hello, or a 'don't stand on the roof, it annoys me'-- they booted and banned me. I didn't realize I was being a nuisance just standing there minding my own business and going through my face lights so I could prep to take pics of the items.

As a consequence, I refuse to blog any of this seller's items. Let's just say you're not missing much. The items on her prize chairs are the same ones she's had three years running. However, they're cute and I used to be a loyal customer of her's before I left SL for a year. Looks like I'll be needing to find something else to blog, so bear with me.