Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! For the month of April, you can get an avatar version of Piggy Bun Bun by [Pink Fuel] complete with bunny costume! But the best part is that it's only $30L! The bunny costume version is only available for April, so don't forget to get it now!

Avatar: [Pink Fuel] - [PF] Piggy Avatar - $30L - (Bunny suit inc. for month of April only)
Flowers: Yome Shoujo - *YURAYURA* - $180L -

That reminds me-- funny story that I forgot to mention in my Bunny Avatar entry. I was wearing my white [Pink Fuel] bunny avatar the other day. I tp'd into a Japanese store, where a girl and boy couple were deep in discussion. As I browsed the shop's wares, I noticed that they were chatting quite animatedly about something-or-other. Seeing as I couldn't understand them, (they were chatting in Japanese) and assuming they weren't talking to me, I wandered into a side room to look at more stuff. As I did, I noticed one of them come behind me. So I scooted to the left. They scooted to the left. So I waddled into the other room again. They walked up behind me. I turned on my little bunny heel, and bolted into the room I came from. The chase was on! The pair followed suit, running up behind me. I turned tentatively, fear in my eyes as they cornered me in the store. "Why are you following me? ^^;" I cried, esasperated, my little heart racing. "Did I do something wrong?"
A pause.
"w.w You're not Japanese ?" The boy said.
"No. Sorry. I don't understand." I scratched my little head.
"We follow you," he said, "Because you are so cute! ^.^!"
"Oh" I laughed, "Is that all! What a relief. I was scared. o.o"

They went back to their chatting, and me to my browsing, and as I left I waved my bunny paw and said "Goodbye! Goodbye my new big-friends!"

True story! Hug a Bunny/Piggy Bunny Avatar today! Happy Easter/Springtime Equinox/Whatever Everybody!

My Friend, Harold, Has Some Good Stuff...


*wink wink* ... if you know what I mean.

I love the Bunny Hop, but most of the great stuff has been blogged by other freebie blogs, so I've been trying to focus on the things I don't remember seeing as much. So a leetle break from BH items today. I've been meaning to blog this for ages now! I happened across an little alcove in the new Starlust sim, Harold, with a bunch of freebies and dollarbies! There are a ton of cute things by various famous and talented designers there. Unfortunately, it was difficult to match the items together, because they're all so different! So I'm just going to feature a few bits and pieces.

Secondly, Magika has a new group gift out! It's for this awesome egg-head hair, that has a teeny little nest-bun with teeny eggs in it! It's really cute! Also, Magika Fashion is having a $10L sale on some old stock, so check it out! I'm also featuring the insanely pretty free skin from Beauty Avatar which seems to be doing the rounds on like every blog right now. =P

Skirt: Anuenue - "anuenue.SistersLongSkirt@Harold - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Hair: Magika - egg Head - $0L - (Check Group Notices).
Skin: Beauty Avatar Couture - Alyssa Skin Gift - $1L -
Sandals: Peppermint Blue - Past Freebie
Shirt: Ivalde - Folk Dress Undershirt - Past Freebie

Hat: SWNN - Unisex Cappy Cap Black - $0L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Scarf: Thimbles - Soon Scarf Flexi - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Shoes: SWNN - OldSchooler(MetalLove) - $0L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Ring: *Salsa!* 8-ball ring - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Hair: White Well - 001 - $10L - (Lots of 10L hair & two lucky boards too!)
Boxers: Boycut - beauty group freebie - $0L - (Join 'I (heart) Starlust' group, check notices)
Belt: Magika Fashion - 8 Ball Belt - $10L - (Discounted Price)
Stockings: *+*Jill*+* - stockings FN black - $0L - (left hand side wall near entrance)
Bracelet: *+*Jill*+* - Bracelet L1S2-L - $0L - (left hand side wall near entrance)
Shirt: Gbberish - Hippie Top (Dove) - $0L - (Part of Albero Hunt)
Skin: [Rockberry] - Eva A Natural FR - $1250L - (Not free, but winnable if you add RockBerry to your picks and enter the competition!)
Eyes: =HooT= - Fairytale Eyes(Little Red) Br - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)

You can't see them, but the cute eyes by =Hoot= have a little fairytale pic inside. Unfortunately, the zoom didn't want to work properly for me today. Not only that, I met Melatonin Hax when I dropped by there a few weeks ago and she said she liked my nose shape! Hee! So don't forget to pick up the doll liknesses of Melatonin, Garbage Prototype and (I think) Guerrilla Gobo! Very cyoot and good to cuddle! Or, you coud potentially use them as voodoo dolls if you're malicious like that, and depending on what side you're taking in the Starlust Unicorn War of 2009.

Well, still feeling so, better get going! *air kiss!*

Frolicking Through The Meadow


Hello! Yet another post on Bunny Hop Items You May Have Missed (But Probably Haven't)! For the time impaired-- hopefully between my blog and the others, you should have a good idea of what you might like to grab before the hunt is over. (The 14th I think).

Another cute maid picture with an abundance of flowers, It's starting to become a habit for me. I suppose it's a good thing, because I don't really see a lot of blogs with a cutesy sweet lolita angle like mine. Although, my sense of style is all over the place, really! Anyway, the pic doesn't do the dress from Zephi's Shop justice. I had never heard of this place before, but it's firmly in my favourites now-- it's really great quality. That's what I loved about this hunt! I had such a ball and I found so many new places I didn't know of, and joined many many subscribos (my groups are a bit maxed out). It was super fun, and my BH posts are winding down now. I might have another quick squiz through my folders and see if theres anything other bloggers overlooked...

Please note; I found My Ugly Dorothy's skin thanks to Sileny's post on *Freestyle.

Dress: Zephi's Shop - Maid Lace Dress (pink) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: Mela's - Mela's Cute 02 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Location: JET's meadow

A closeup, below. The skin's detail from My Ugly Dorothyis so cute!

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - group gift skin 01 - $0L - (Join group. Get gift).
Eyes: *sakurako* - Sky-Eyes (aurora) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: Hal Hina - [corn blond] hair priscilla - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

Still not feeling one hundred percent; so off to rest today! Byeness!

Little Red Riding... Bunny?


I'm bored! Mega mega bored! Being sick on a hot day kinda drains the life out of you. I don't know what to do with myself, and I can't be bothered hunting any more. Theres a dozen hunts on at the moment and too many for me to do. Bla bla bla. So another post featuring Bunny Hop items you may have missed. I know, I know. When it rains it pours and all that, dah dah dah~

Dress: Elsie & Seshil - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Basket: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Leggings: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Ears: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Eyes: *sakurako* - Sky-Eyes (cobalt blue) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Skin: MJ+DADA - MJD*2-02 Kriemhild m4-02 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: Juicy - Allure 2 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: LALAmoon - Airwave Small (blonde light) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

That's it. Unforutnately, I'm too drained to do much else right now.



Hello all! My entries about the Bunny Hop Grid-Wide Hunt continue. This is a very special bilingual post for you all! I, unfortunately am still feeling sick, and I have a fever-- so I didn't go to work today. So I decided to search for a very cute cafe to take pictures at, and I happened upon a place called *Y's HOUSE! It is such a very cute place, and the owners; yacchan Clip and shimako Bade and their friend, UrikoH, made me feel most welcome. They were very gracious and kind towards me, even though they did not speak english, they tried very hard to talk to me even though I was maybe annoying them! x3 Thank you! Also, they kindly let me take pics in their Cafe, and sat with me on the funny poses! Thank you so much! I am very greatful. Because of that, I'm going to use a translator service for this post. ^^

So today I am featuring the Bunny Hop gift by Tryanny Designs that I adore. It's an entire set, down to the shoes, which have cute little bunnies on them! Ahh! So cute! I paired it with the hair from Shop The Joker, which contains two hairs, pigtails and a short hair set.

こんにちは、すべて! Bunny Hop Grid全体のHuntの周りの私のエントリーは続きます。 これはあなた方のすべてのための非常に特別なバイリンガルポストです! 私は熱があります--それでも、残念ながら病気になるまで感じであるので、私は、今日、出勤しませんでした。 それで、私は、写真を撮る非常にかわいいカフェを捜し求めると決めました、そして、*Yの下院と呼ばれる場所に偶然出くわしました! それは、そのような非常にかわいい場所と、所有者です。 yacchan Clipとshimako Badeと彼らの友人UrikoHは私に最も歓迎されていると感じさせました。 私はたぶん彼らをいらいらさせていましたが、彼らは、彼らは、私に向かって非常に上品であって、親切でした、彼らが英語を話しませんでしたが非常に一生懸命私に話そうとしました!x3はありがとうございます! また、彼らは、私にそれらのCafeで映画を親切に取らせて、私と共におかしい姿勢に座りました! ありがとうございます! 私は非常にgreatfulです。 それのため、私はこのポストに翻訳者サービスを利用するつもりです。 ^^

それで、今日、私は、崇拝するTryanny DesignsでBunny Hop贈り物を特集しています。 靴までそれは全体のセットです!(靴は手元にかわいい小さいバニーを持っています)。 ああ! とてもかわいい! 私はShop Jokerからそれを髪と対にしました。(Jokerは2つの髪、お下げ髪、および短い髪セットを含みます)。

Hair: Shop The Joker - funny Hare (Bunny Hop Special color) - $0L - - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Outfit: Tryanny Designs - Taste of Spring/Utopia - - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift; incl shoes!)
Location:*Y's HOUSE - Thank you for letting me take pictures here, kind friends! ^^

A closeup of the shoes:

Also, my friend Aliz let me know about this skin and bikini freebie that DCNY has out; it's a little tan for me, but the detail is amazing. The only thing is that it hasn't got lashes, so it would probably need prim lashes. I however, have worn it without, so that you can see the detail a little better. And you can't really see the earrings, but I'm wearing the Sanu bunny hop set, which is cute teeny bunnies in green. Also, aren't the eyes amazing? They're a BH gift from Clover.

また、私の友人AlizはDCNYが外に持っているこの皮膚とビキニ無料のものに関して私に知らせます。 それは私のための少量の日焼けですが、詳細は驚くべきものです。 唯一のものは、まつげがないので、たぶん堅苦しいまつげを必要とするだろうということです。 しかしながら、私、あなたが、詳細が少し良いのを見ることができるように、それを着ました。 そして、あなたは本当にイヤリングを見ることができませんが、私はSanuバニーホップセットを着ています。(それは、緑色のかわいいちっぽけなバニーです)。 また、目も驚くべきものではありませんか? それらはCloverからのBH贈り物です。

Skin: DCNY - [Laleh] gloss 'Spring Time Gift' - $0L -
Eyes: Clover - *Clover* real eyes - $0L - - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Jewelry: Sanu - Bunny Hop Set - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift. Contains 2 monocles. 1 shown.)

Sooo! You must visit*Y's HOUSE! cafe! It is so cute, and there is free bread bag near entrance, and sandwiches on the counter. They have funny poses, and you might make new friends, like I did:

Sooo! あなたは*Yの下院!カフェを訪問しなければなりません! それはとてもかわいいです、そして、カウンタの上に無料のパンバッグが入り口、およびサンドイッチの近くにあります。 彼らには、おかしい姿勢があります、そして、私が以下をしたように、あなたは新しい友人を作るかもしれません。

Friends! - 友人

Bai bai!

Strawberry Fields Forever!


I'm sick! I don't know what happened to me after I posted last night, but I got a stabbing sore throat, and in 24 hours I am now one of the congested. Ugh. I've got a fever already, and am not a happy camper. Luckily I had planned out what I wanted to update with in advance, so you lucky people get lovely lovely pics! See how much I love yoos? Mwah! Oh wait, Dunneh germs, sorry.

So day two of my favourite Bunny Hop items is themed around strawberries! Mm! I'm a big fan of strawberries, both in SL and in RL and I love cute things like this. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to elaborate, so I'm just going to make the pretty pics... something something.

Dress: Sweet Strawberry- *:SS:* 013 red patch op - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: !Mingo! - Strawberry Hat - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: *Leafy - 'Hang' - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

Skin: Rosy Mood - RM* skin KYOKO exclusive - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Eyes: [MJ+DADA] - Bunny Hop Eyes - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Cake: =Feather= - =F=Easter Cake - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

So that's it from me. I hope to post tomorrow, if I feel up to it. Thank you to all my return readers. Mwah! *air kisses!*

Hop To It!


So, between work and the Bunny Hop grid-wide hunt, I haven't had any time to blog! I'm sorry! I managed to finish the hunt yesterday though, and sort through everything today. And I'm going to be slack and feature the hunt the next few days, because I took a peek at my schedule this week and it's crazy busy again so I can't go out bargain-hunting. Don't they know I'd rather play SL all day? So anyways, I usually don't participate in hunts because they take a lot of time and are frustrating (if you don't find X egg you can't move on to the next store -.-), and some rewards can be less than stellar. However, the Bunny-Hop was a level of quality all it's own, and it's really worth doing! Not only that, it ran pretty well, with most designers being kind about where they 'hid' their egg.

And so, my after sorting through everything, I bring you my absolute favourites from the hunt. The creme de la creme. The ones you absolutely need to trailblaze over and get, in my opinion. I hope to do a post each day of my favourites; starting with...

Piggeh!: [Pink Fuel] - Piggy Bun Bun - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Hair: Waka&Yuki - Bunny Hop GIFT - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Skin: Rockberry - Megan Bunny Hop Hunt Light FRX - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Dress: Wretched Dollies - WD Peaches 'n Cream Special Easter - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Eyes: [kusshon] (poetic colors) - easter lilac - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Shoes: NONKO romankan - Blue night heel - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Pose: Mela's - Mela's Cute 03 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)

I adore this piggy! I already raved about [Pink Fuel]'s adorably Bunny Avatar in my previous entry, which is also generously included in the [PF] egg. But Piggeh! I love him! He's so cute and little and and and... his little eyes go 'wobble wobble' at you. T-T And I identify with his little backstory, which is that of a little lonely piggy who wanted to be accepted by the springtime bunnies and duckies. So he decides to buy a bunny suit in order to fit in with them, hoping they won't notice he is just a lil piggy. But when they see him, they laff at him something dreadful; and so he is a very sad little piggy. Aww. But it's okay little piggy! I know exactly how you feel! You are my bestest friend! T-T I will luff joo for evers!

Also, the quality of hunt items is amazing. The Wretched Dollies dress is so amazingly pretty. It also has a plain apron to go with it, without the bunny on it. And the Waka&Yuki hair is my favourite yet. The egg actually contains two shades of brown. I'm showing the darker one. And as always, Lano Ling of Poetic Colors has outdone himself. The gift eyes are wonderful; mostly green with a hint of lilac. A close up of the hair, skin, eyes, and my precious Bun Bun, below:

Hair: Waka&Yuki - Bunny Hop GIFT - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Skin: Rockberry - Megan Bunny Hop Hunt Light FRX - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Eyes: [kusshon] (poetic colors) - easter lilac - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)
Piggeh!: [Pink Fuel] - Piggy Bun Bun - $0L - (Bunny Hop Prize)

Well, that's it from me tonight. Thank you all for sticking with me. Happy Bunny Hopping!