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Avatar: Pink Fuel - White Bunny Avatar - Bunny Hop Gridwide Egg Hunt - $0L

... "Isn't me cyoot?"...

It's been an overwhelming few days! Firstly, unless you've been living under a rock, you would know about the Bunny Hop gridwide hunt going on right now, which is pretty much the biggest event since the Christmas hunt. Unfortunately, I've gone over my downloads this month and my net has been slowed to dialup speed, which basically means that I can't even touch my nose in SL without the client timing out. I've been 'borrowing' (I fully intend to give it back! ¬.¬) the connection next door to try and finish the hunt, but right now it's just a choice between slow and slower. So between that and work (which never ends), I haven't a lot of time to blog. I'm really sorry! I'm still here! I still luff yoos! I have tons of things to blog & promise to post soon! For now, let the cuteness of [Pink Fuel]'s bunny gift, regail you! It also has an adorable piggeh in it that I adore! Go pick it up already!

Kisses! Mwah!

Everybody loves cupcakes... and Sanu!


And those that don't get beaten up by me. So last night, (well, 9am SL time) there was a party at Sanu! It was lots of fun, but it was an impromptu party and didn't last long on account of Sanu being up very late. It was great though! Now I'm admittedly biased, but I love Sanu. She's incredibly generous, has gorgeous and quirky stuff for sale, and does competitions often, which I seem prone to winning! Oh my gosh! I nabbed one of her gorgeous Winkle sets, after answering a quiz question correctly and I'm so flabbergasted and happy! The only thing is that now I'm going to have to buy December Larkham's 'Perry' set, that inspired Sanu's 'Winkle' sets. And once I get that, think I'm going to have to get the pink Winkle set too. =X (I'm going to have to wait till a sale on account of being flat broke though)! See what you started, Sanura? I'm so greatful! I didn't even realise what the prize was that until halfway through the party when I looked at what she gave me. (Stupid Dunneh). x3 So here it is below, the amazing Winkle set in green.

Set: Sanu - Green Winkle Set - $375L - (Includes 3 different earring pairs-- only 2 styles shown. As well as two styles of chokers. Alternate colors are pink and baby blue.)

Now Sanu has so many amazing things on offer right now, that I can't even keep up with it all! First thing is first! CUPCAKES! Again, everyone loves Cupcakes! There's a gigantic luckydip cupcake just inside the store, that you can nom nom at and grab a different cupcake every 20 minutes! And there's 72 different kinds in there! Mouth cupcakes, head cupcakes, pandy cupcakes, shoulder cupcakes, kitty cupcakes, mousie cupcakes! So cute! Even hand-held ones with a cherry on top! And don't forget to join the group, because Sanu treats us all really well! There's four past group gifts to nab, including the ice-cream ribbon around my neck below, as well as St Patrick's Day gift (a green recolor of the Greatest Love monocle.) Also, grab the earrings to go with that for $1L inside the store!

All Cupcakes: Sanu - $0L - (Cupcake Lucky dip! Nom nom the giant Cupcake! 72 different kinds!)
Necklace: Sanu - Icecream Ribbon - $0L - (Group Gift. Join Group)

She also has another hunt on, the Adventure Quest, and let me tell you; it's awesome. It's a lot similar to Pip's Quest but even more fun than that, I thought. I had a complete ball and I loved every second of it! I might be gushing a little too much, but when I was doing it, I had this big goofy grin! I love hunts like this. I wish more designers did it this way; most hunts are just mindless zooming and clicking, and Sanu's hunts, to me, are everything a hunt should be. It's not hard, but you have to think a little! It's do-able and fun, which is the main thing. I loved it! And the prizes, ooh the prizes. Take a look-see:

Set:Sanu - Adventure Quest Set - (Not Shown: Nose Stud, Mouth Key, Mouth Bunny, Alternate lip-ring, Belly ring).

With that, it's waaaay past my bed-time. Whew. I have work tomorrow and as usual I'm goofing off.

As always, thank you for reading!


Chikka $10L Sale!


Chikka Designs is having a sale! Everything (excluding poses) is $10L! It's only for two days and it was packed when I went, and I wound up spending waaaaaaay more than I should have. With all the sales and RFL I am one broke puppy! Also, there's a really cute new coat in the subcribo at [AV] Vlodovic. too!

Skirt: Chikka Designs - Gipsyskirt Purple - $10L - (Sale Price)
Coat: [AV] Vlodovic.- $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Hair: Exile - $0L - Ursula Candy Melt - (Join group. Click store).

Dress: Chikka Designs - VIP dress - $10L - (Sale price).

And LCKY released a new group gift; join the group (search for LCKY) and check notices, and you can get the cute top featured below. It's actually in the store of a friend of hers, so read the group notice carefully for the slurl! I've paired it with various cute sparkly tutus from Chikka Designs -- I couldn't stop at just one. There's a gold and fucshia one I didn't get but I'm thinking of going back. Hmm. And don't forget, that LCKY has some reduced on the 'happy wall' (right hand wall as you enter), so check that out too!

Top:LCKY - $0L - (Join group. Check notices. TP to friend's store, etc).
Tutus: Chikka Designs - $10L - (Each!)

Last but not least, a couple of cute knit tops I picked up, still at Chikka.

Tops: Chikka Designs - $10L - (Each!)
Hair: Tekuteku

Before I go, does anyone know of any cute sims to hang out at and take photos? Like the one featured below (and in my top pic): Victoriana. It's an adorable Victorian Themed sim and the residents are very nice, with the setting extremely well made. I need more places like that; neutral places that aren't affiliated with a particular store or anything; just places to hang out, cute cafe's cute bars, rp sims that allow spectators. The problem with most 'hangouts' is usually they aren't that great looking, or they're a zyngo place in disguise and when you tp there it's wall to wall advertisments and those money chairs-- or alternatively they're really cheap looking and not well made. Usually I make do with cute areas near the store I'm featuring in my post, but I can't really do that if the sim is packed (like when there's a sale) and some places just don't suit. So, let me know, peeps! Mwah!

Here's some out-takes from my Victoriana photoshoot!

I befriended a squirrel!

When in Victoriana, do as the squirrels do!

Well, that's all from me today!

Lovey Dovey,
- D.

Sweet Lolita Style


I found a really cute store today with an abundance of sweet lolita type clothing. It's called Likka*House, and inside I found a really cute green gingham apron dress. Isn't it sweet? It's only 20 minutes on the camp-chair, and would have been perfect for St Patrick's Day, if only I had noticed it sooner.

Not only that, I stumbled across a new hair store called ::Liriope:: yesterday. It seems that it has a bunch of opening gift hair out in its main store! It's two hair-styles, and around three or four available colors! It's really cute, too!

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress Check Green - $0L - (20 min. Camp Chair).
Hair: Liriope - LIU Pink - $1L -
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift B - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)

At Likka*House, I also found a cute Gachapon machine; and it has sweet lolita dresses in it for only $10L! This is where my dilemma comes in! I tried four times, and I am sooo unlucky; I got the same outfits twice in a row! Do'h! So I have an extra strawberry dress, and an extra chocolate dress, if anyone wants those two, to swap with any of the other dresses, let me (Dunneh Snookums) know! There's a one in 10 chance and yet somehow I got the same two twice. Otherwise I'll just give them away randomly later. Here they are below, along with the chart of possibilities, and a few more hairs from Liriope!

Dresses: Likka*House
I have an extra set of the strawberry dress and the chocolate dress, so let me know if you want one to swap!

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress 'Chocolate' - $10L - (Gachapon. 1 in 10 chance).
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift A - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)
Hair: ::Liriope:: - YKI 'Blue' - '$1L -

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress 'Strawberry' - $10L - (Gachapon. 1 in 10 chance).
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift C - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)
Hair: ::Liriope:: - YKI 'Pink' - $1L -

Before I dash, two little secrets! ELISA is having a weekend sale, and all my poses today are from there. Everything is $1L, including poseball furnitre. Her sets of 5 poses are only $5L! I bought her entire store! I'm not exaggerating! And here's another little secret; visit Liriope's Yoshiwara Island Location and you can get a $1L hair that isn't availble in her main store; 'KNKb Pink' -- it's in the pudding! It's very similar to her 'YKI' style but a little different; the bangs aren't parted, for one thing. Plus you get a free pudding for your head!

Another day another post,

A little more sweet charity...


*YAWN* I'm tired. It took me all day to explore the 8 clothing sims that the SL Clothing Fair has set up. It was great fun though, but thanks to that, and something like 14 combined hours of work, I am completely knackered and haven't had time to blog, so my clothing fair post took forever, and I apologise profusely. Anyways, excuses excuses and all that... there was hundreds of charity items on offer at the fair, but my favourite of them all was the stuff elDee had up! This store was new to me, and I can't believe I never noticed it before! The fair still has hundreds of things on show (including dollarbies and freebies) so check it out! It goes to the 22nd, so you still have a bit of time.

Not only that, but Romi Skin has another group gift out, this time it's Romi Skin 9 -- however the group is closed for the time being. It looks like she closes the group with each skin she gives out, so I would join once it gets re-opened. It's freckley goodness! It's really cute-- only thing is that on me, it makes my eyes look teeny-tiny, so I had to wear my lashes with it -- actual skin is sans lashes. Go check it out! Also, W&Y has a new freebie hair at their main store in a box. Isn't it cyoot?

Skin: RomiSkin - Romi Skin 9 - $0L - (Lucky Board. 10 mins.)
Outfit: elDee - Parle? - $200L - (Clothing Fair Booth is here. Mainstore has too, though)
Hair: Waka&Yuki - Dear Waka - $0L -
Pose: PDiddle -
Earrings: PDiddle -
Boots: Heart & Sole -

Also, it's on the sidebar there, but TekuTeku and =EkoEko= are having a sale on all their old stock! Yay! For the TekuTeku hair, it's $50L per 3 color pack of the newer sets and the older sets have all the colors in them. They're located on the green floor inside the store and I don't think it's forever, so be quick! Also, my second elDee RFL outfit is below! And I love this one even more than the other one! It's sooo cyoot.

Hair: TekuTeku - Spring SP (Brown) - $50L - (Pack of 3 colors only + beret)
Dress: elDee - Savvy? - $200L - (Clothing Fair Booth is here. Mainstore has too, though)
Skin: Domestic V

More on elDee, because they also had their new freebies up in their store; as well as a $10L clothing fair hunter pack,complete with belt and eyepatch! Also, don't forget to grab their past freebies, these cute flowy tops that come in three colors!

Outfit: elDee - RFLCF treasure hunter - $10L
Hair: TekuTeku - Old Hair Mash - $50L - (All colors.)
Skin: The Sea Hole - DrinkSkin Pumpkin Tan - $0L
Boot: Kakaue -

Tops: elDee - November Metal: Silver/Black/White - $0L -
Hair: TekuTeku - Coco/Loco/Simple Bob - $50L - (Coco/Loco are 50L per 3 colors, Bob is 50L for all colors).

Almost forgot, this outfit that Umi Usagi had out for the Clothing Fair was fabulous, I lurve eet! And it wasn't expensive, either. I'm really thankful for the designers that did some more affordable charity items, and those that did more than one item for charity. Thanks so much! It was a ball!

Outfit: Umi Usagi - Rabbit Panier Purple Check - $50L - (Relay For Life Charity Outfit).
Hair: TekuTeku - - Cream - $50L - (pack of 3 colors. Hair is being discontinued)
Boot: Kakaue

Well, another one down! Time for me to go! I have tons of more fair stuff to blog, and here's hoping I can do it before end of tomorrow! Thanks all for their continued support!


Relay For Life


Hello all. I know I haven't posted very often, but I'm not in Second Life as much as Dunneh. I trust you're all well, and that you like the new layout we put together. First of all, if you haven't heard of Relay For Life: SL Clothing Fair you've probably been hiding under a rock. It's a charity event that benefits the American Cancer Foundation, and it has been a big deal in Second Life for a few years now. It's amazing how much the fair has grown from it's humble beginings, and this year the attentance is amazing. I had the chance to wander to the 'isles' (literally, they are islands) and take a gander at my favorite booths; there are a ton of designers, a ton of people, and a ton of lag. I hope you go low-ARC for a good cause; we're all trying to buy the lovely charity items on offer, and being 1000+ prims makes things difficult for all. So make sure you detach all for the clothing fair. You can check your ARC (Avatar Render Count) by bringing up; advanced options > rendering > info displays > avatar rendor cost Also, The best time to go to the fair-- if you're a night owl like me, is between midnight to 5am SL time. You'll find it less laggy then, so don't be discouraged.

I realize that this post is neither free nor cheap; yet I think we all know someone who have had their lives impaced by cancer, a relative, a friend, ourselves... even our pets. So, if this includes you, I implore you to dig deep for Relay for Life whether in world or out of world. Remember that 300L is barely a dollar. Luckily the amazing designers of Second Life have made it very easy to spend money this week. Here is one thing I picked up, though I have every intention of getting some more. Have fun!

Moxie Polano Haute Couture - Relay For Life Charity Vendor - $500L




Although in Australia, St. Paddy's day is already over. Again, a quickie, but at least I took the time to take in world pics this time! And it took a lot of time. My SL client is being a complete beyatch today. So I took about a dozen great (in my mind) shots of all the clothes I had put together today; and when I went to resize and whatnot, I noticed that most of them were glitchy and unusable! I only had a couple of photos that were usable. The rest were glitchy, blank (plain black all over) or black sky with random floating polygons. Grr. I tried taking more but I was having the same glitches, and I threw in the towel. As a result, these pics aren't the best. So I do apologise in advance! ANYWAYS.

Hair: - Hal Hina -[sweet pink] Hair-Kate - $0L - (Lucky Board. 10 mins)
Ribbon: - Hal Hina - Stripe Ribbon - $0L - (Group Gift. Join group then touch the board in store)
Dress:- Moxie Polano - MP Woodburn Forest Suede Set - $0L - (Lucky Chair. 5 mins)
Shoes: - 50Flats - Clover Shoe - $0L - (Touch the clover on the wall)
Skin: - Imagen - Lia Oeste - Verde - $1L - (St Patrick's Day hunt)
Eyes: - Miriel - Standard Eyes Aquamarine - $0L - (demos on wall in eye section)

Another green theme, this time courtesy of my fave store, Discord. Unfortunately the photoshoot I had set up for this didn't turn out. =X This was the only salvageable one, and it doesn't show all the skirt. Sorry! Also, the skin from Domestic V is awesome awesome awesome! Definitely check out their small sale! My crappy pics don't do it justice!

Dress: - Discord - 'ALKALOID' JOU-GO Sky x Green - $0L - (Lucky Chair. 2 Mins).
Skin: - Domestic V - DV Marimarlade Sketchy 01 Teal Skin - $25L - (Pack of 15 + 1 skin)
Eyes: - ENDEAVOR - Shiny Eyes Pro M21 - $0L - (Luckyboard)

Well that's it for me! Kisses!




Another quickie today... (I know you love it my quickies, though, so shush.) I have jury duty in the morning, and it's 3am already-- (OH JOY) so, I haven't got time to find the perfect location today, and I cheated by using Ann Otoole's Photogarden. So anyways, [LCKY] is a great new (to me)store that I found through Gabi's lovely blog. (Thanks Gabi!You rock!) And I got a notice today telling me to get my butt down to the store because Mamini Akami just released some new freebies!

Hair: - [LCKY] - Paige (Black) - $0L - (Join Group. Gift #2. Also includes shirt & purple cords)
Shirts: - [LCKY] - HamHam Jersey/Sanrio Tank - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Pants: - [LCKY] - Blue Corduroy - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Necklace: - [LCKY] - Rainbow Choker - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Glasses: - [LCKY] - Reading Glasses - $0L - (past store freebie. Doesn't seem to be avail. anymore)
Skins: - [42] - Goth Skins Bubblegum/Blood - $0L -

Please note, that the blue undershirt in my pics is my own, and that the shirts featured aren't two-toned or anything like that. Sorry. And I added a stickynote to the side for sales announcements. Obviously, [42] is having a sale, but the two skins featured in my post are freebies that are just near the entrance.

Gotta run, guys and girls! Mwah!

Cute & Inexpensive!


Cute & Inexpensive are up there as my two favourite combos! So, I stumbled across a store today called *Mauloa Island* that fulfills both those criteria! Now, It's not the haute couture capital of fashion, but it's cheap and a really cute store with some nice things to be had. Inside you'll find inexpensive furniture, hair, and clothing. There's two lucky boards, and freebies/dollarbies tucked away in the corners of the store. I don't think I can even blog them all! But I'll try!

Before that though-- run down to Pudge! Quick! Turns out that they are discontinuing some of their old styles, at 75L per color pack. You can find them at their Starlust @ Floyd location, and keep in mind that the discontinued styles are just outside the store, at the drive through panels right of the entrance. That's not all though! They have a mini-sale going on on selected styles inside the store, namely Do Me Seymour, Piggy Moffit, Foolish Heiress, Maude the Mod -- they're all $125 until tomorrow, Friday the 13th (I hope till the end of the day because I only got the notice now!) So be quick!

Also, Bebae has spoiled us with a luscious new skin in the group notices, as well as announcing her new Coral line of skins, so check it out! EDIT: I didn't notice, as I was already part of Bebae's group, but the group is $100L to join now.

Skin: - Bebae - Coral *Gift - $0L - (Group Gift. Check notices. $100L to join.)
Hair: - Pudge - Do Me Seymour (Dark Brown) - $125L - (Sale Price. Pack of 3 col. Reg. $225L)
Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).
Top&Skirt - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Border Set - $1 - (In corner on wall)

Romi Skin & Hair released another group hairstyle! It's also black, and has various sizes (although it's a bit too big for me, It's still adorable and wispy. Woo.) And check out the cute ring. I found a cute jewelery store called Puncute on my travels. It has a cute apple-shaped ring, too.

Skin: - Lazolli - Lucy 002 - $1L - (Release Gift)
Hair: - Romi Skin - Hair01(Black) - $0L - (Group Gift. Check Notices)
Dress: - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Flower Chunniku - $1L -
Pose: - V Poses - 'FM' #3 - (Was free, not sure if it is any longer)
Ring: - Puncute - Heart Ring - $1L -
Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).

Yet another cute dress by Mauloa, this heart texture must be one that's going around. It reminds me of the one I saw at Kuri*Style? Anyway... I love the bow to bits!

Skin: - Lazolli - Lucy 002 - $1L - (Release Gift)
Hair: - Pudge - Do Me Seymour (Light Brown) - $125L - (Sale Price. Pack of 3 col. Reg. $225L)
Dress - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Gift Onepiece - $1L - (In corner on wall)

Ooh, before I forget; Panjen has these amazing line of eyes out, and she's offered the cyan one free. I've used those eyes in each of my shots even though I swapped skins and stuff.

Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).

It's no secret that Mochi Milena rocks my socks. And there's a good reason, too! Like awesomely cute eye-patches like the one she just offered to her group. She has a bunch in store, too. Her stuff is amazing, so if you don't go look I'll... glare at you with my one good eye!

And, OMGWTFBBQ! -- DeJavu is back! DeJavu is one of my favourite stores in SL! And with good reason too; the hairstyles they have are adorable, and those who join (or stuck around in) their group get not one free hairstyle, but two, in alternating colors. And they're frikin awesome! Now, the group is closed enrollment, but there's a joiner in their new store. Touch it to join, then check group notices!

Hair: - DEJAVU - Reopen Gift Momo PnB - $0L - (Go to store to join group, then check group notices)
Lollipop: - Sanu - Barbie's Dead Now (Pink) - $15L - (Random Chance 1 in 15)
Eyepatch: - Pink Fuel - Pink Star Eyepatch - $0L - (Group Gift. Check Notices)
Shirt: - Mauloa Island - Spring DOT Chunikku Pink - $0L - (In corner in bag on floor)
Pants:- PeppermintBlue - 090306 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Black Jeans - $0L -
Shoes: - HOC - Chucks - $30L -
Skin: - Rockberry - TMRHE Skin 4 - $0L - (On table behind the free pose box).

Don't forget 'The Most Random Hunt Ever' where RockBerry has re-released four of her past (I think group, as I recognized her holiday one) gifts.

Also, this weeks reader tip is courtesy of Nem, who points out that the HOC (House of Curios) colour-change chucks are a bargain, and that I should probably feature them! and she's right! At just $30L, they're a bargain. They may not be as fancy as the UBU ones (which I also have & love by the way), but they're really great for the price! They have a nice variety of color-change options and are manually re-sizeable. So funky! Thank you Nem!

Peppermintblue has been in overdrive lately. Check out their SilkRoad location, they've released more colors of the sailor uniforms (blue), as well as two new Newbie Assistance Packs today. This means a whole avatar in a box! I actually preferred the two boys avatar packs to the new girls one! So that's what I'm wearing. Isn't argyle groovy?

Hair: - DEJAVU - Reopen Gift Momo CnD - $0L - (Go to store to join group, then check group notices)
Skin: - Olivia (Mainstore seems to be MIA at the moment?) - Olivia Kate Skin - $0L - (Group gift. Check notices).
Top: - PeppermintBlue - 090306 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Grey Washed Out Jeans' - $0L -
Pants: - PeppermintBlue - 090313 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Algyle Layerd Shirts W/DB - $0L -
Shoes: - HOC - Chucks - $30L -

Phew. Another monster post. It always feels like I've just run a marathon! I hope all of you appreciate it! (All two of you)