Lano Ling is my God!


The title says it all. Lano Ling from Kusshon has a new set of freebie eyes out! I LOVE the poetic eyes series. This one is from his new light shadowed bright eye series. I would recommend you pick up a pair of eyes one day, maybe as a treat; they are a bit steep, ($200L) but they are well worth that. They are simply stunning. The freebie is out for a limited time, so get it, get it quick!

I've paired it here with Magika's new discounted hair! Yes, that's right, Magika has reduced some old hair models to $10L per color pack and $60L per fat pack. I'm super stoked because this time around she reduced two of my favourite styles; Lil Punk and Lime! Raven and I have already swept it all up. Be quick, as with the other discounted hair packs, they are for a limited time.

And lastly, it's been blogged all over the place, but the skin from Curio is the bees knees! It's so rich and detailed. I don't think I will ever, ever, leave the group! Just search the people tab for 'Gala Phoenix' and join her group, 'Gala & Rita Design Annoucements'

Eyes: -Kusshon - Poetic Color Eyes - Liquid Amber - $0L
Skin: - Curio - (Join Group)
Hair: - Magika - Silky II - Brown D - Discounted Hair (10L per pack or 60L for fatpack)

Eyes: -Kusshon - Poetic Color Eyes - Liquid Amber - $0L
Skin: - Curio - (Join Group)
Hair: - Magika - 'Lime' - Light Pink - $10L per color pack, $60L per fat-pack

Eyes: - Kusshon - Poetic Color Eyes - Liquid Amber - $0L
Skin: - Curio - (Join Group)
Hair: - Magika - Lil Punk - Black A - $10L per color pack, $60L per fat-pack

Photos taken at the lovely Ann Otoole's Photogarden! Lacking a few SLURLs because I'm in a hurry right now. x3 I'm out!

I forgot a title, dah dah dah~


Hello fearless readers! (All two of you!) Dunneh here, with another awesome post! Okay, so I officially have a crush on Ding Fotherington and I don't care if it's wrong, cuz it feels so right! Dah dah dah~ ♪

Erm, okay... So anyway, onto the goodies. First off, I haven't seen this blogged often (or at all), which is weird, because it's an amazing set. It's a Newbie Assistance Pack-- and is one of three newbie packs Peppermint Blue has out. Two for girls, and one for boys. One has an amazing hoodie, and the other is a cute babydoll set (not blogged). You actually get an entire avatar-- including skins and shapes (not shown)-- yes, even the handbags! The only thing you don't get is the hair in the pictures (my pics or their pics). And keep in mind, I'm not wearing the skins boxed in with the Peppermint Blue set, though. Don't miss out! Peppermint Blue is notorious for having short freebie periods! Go now now now now nao!

Clothing (Entire Set): - Peppermint Blue - Newbie Assistance Pack MU#0 - $0L - (Not shown: Skin, Hair, Shoes)
Skin: - Beauty Avatar -
Flats: - 50Flats - Random Chance Cherry Flats - $35L - (1 in 4 chance of getting these!)
Hair: - Kin - Mika - 100L

So 50Flats has made some new flowered flats available at their (temporary loc) 50Flats store. They also set up a Gatchapon machine! I love Gatchapons, especially when the prizes are as good as this one, and I was squeeing with delight when I got the pair I really wanted, the Cherry Flats! I love them to bits, and $35L is more than reasonable for them in my opinion. It took a bit of time, (and Ding's help) for me to get them on though! Stupidly, when the touch script bugged out, I didn't even think to right-click open it to get my flats out. ~.~ Anyways, thank you Ding for being patient with me. I really appreciate it!

Everyone has to get this cute skin from Beauty Avatar -- I know it's been blogged all over the place, but it's really amazing. Here's a close up of the face, and also, the ring and bracelet that you see in the pic are also part of that Peppermint Blue hoodie set I blogged above. Now you see how amazing it is!?

Skin: - Beauty Avatar - $0L

Back to my new crushes, 50Flats -- they have another pair of freebie flats out that I have been meaning to blog for a few days.They're pink! And have ribbons! And yet, I barely had a chance to think about blogging them when Ding released some more great items for her store!

Flats: - 50Flats - Pink Weave - $0L -

Well, that's it. It's 4am here and I'm pooped.
-- Dunneh.

The Laughing Academy Sale


I haven't posted very often, I'm not online as much as Dunneh, and I'm very particular about what I pick up. However, I do have a soft spot for gowns, and the Freebie Telegraph tipped me off to a moving sale at the Laughing Academy. This is a lovely store with a multitude of period gowns. The sale is random, so the items are set at anything between 25-100L, and changing every day. There are some bargains to be had there, such as the gown I picked up today:

Gown: - The Laughing Academy - Cecily Mourning Gown - $99L - (sale price).

I also picked up some other bits and pieces, hats are 10L, and they have a great range of shoes between 5L - 25L.

Shoes: - The Laughing Academy - $5L

I promise to post more later, I'm just waiting for a lucky chair at the moment and I want to get this post out.


Icecream On Mah Head!


So, Sanu is awesome right? Right. And as usual, she just lavishes the freebies on us. Her fridge died, (RIP Sanu's fridge), and so she's released another melty icecream group gift to commemerate this occasion! This time it's yummy choccy icecream, yay! Furthermore, we get lovely sun earrings because Sanu got hot walking in the sun the other day! Yay! (Well, kind of yay. Yay for the earrings, not that she got hot.) Best of all, the group fee is gone... Sanu has a new system whereby she closes the group when there's special freebies out. Don't despair though, anybody can invite people into the group! So if you want an icecream on your head, you can let me know, and I'll invite you into Sanu's group! I recommend you stay there and not freebie hop because Sanu is extremely generous and it's totally worth being in her group.

Icecream on Mah Head: - Sanu - *Sanu's members icecream (Chocolate - $0L - (group gift)
Earrings: Sanu - Midday Sun - $0L - (group gift)
Ring: - Copain Group [Love Soul] - Smiley Flower Ring - $0L - (group gift, 200L joining fee)

That's not all the great news though. Copain group has opened again! For those who don't know, Copain is an update group for not one store, but four: LoveSoul, JUNwave, Cassis Rose, and PRAY. Now is a great time to join because they tend to close the group down when they have really, really great group gifts. The only thing is that Copain has a joining fee. And it's big-- 200L, though I think it's worth it if you like the cute stylings of the four stores involved. I'm actually drained of money thanks to this group, now. So this months group gift entails the smiley ring you see above, on my hand. It also contains orange prim nails, and smiley flower earrings (not shown). Very cute.

Back to Sanu! She just released a gummi monocle and choker set, on her lucky chair. I'd show it on me, but my letter got snatched while I was blogging this... oh well. Down low too slow and all that!

Choker & Monocole Set: - Sanu - 4 monocle styles and 1 choker style randomly offered on lucky chair -

Lastly, my first reader tip! Thank you for the tip, Nem! Thanks to you, I might blog another freebie before anyone else does again. So, Nem pointed me to So Many Styles -- check it out, the store is great! If you join the group, you can get two group gifts. The first is a cute red babydoll dress. That one didn't suit me (babydolls kinda make chubby ole me look even chubbier), but the blouse-- oh gosh, this blouse! It's SO prettyful! I eet!

Blouse: - { So Many Styles } - Beige Blouse - $0L - (group gift, join group!)

I'm pooped. Blogging is harder than you know. xD


LoveSoul, JUNwave and BINGO love!


*le-gasp!* Moi blogging a freebie no one else has blogged yet? Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing! No, I can't believe it either. And *squee!* strawberries! Strawberries are pretty much my favourite thing ever ever ever, (apart from hawt SL boys and chocolate). So here's what you do to get this spiffy red visor with strawberry deco. Head over to ++Love Soul++, add the place into your picks by right clicking yourself > profile > picks > add. Now wait 24 hours and you too could be the owner of this adorable item. Thank you ++Love Soul++! I'm so glad I had them in my picks already, thanks to a previous pick-gift. (The cute hair I'm sporting, if I recall correctly). Bear with me on this pic, SL was having all sorts of trouble for me today. Pics not rendering, backrounds not rezzing. Blah.

Visor: - [ Love Soul ] - Sun Viser Cap - $0L - (must have LoveSoul in profile picks).
Shirt: - { Bingo } - Strawberry Camisole - $10L - (gashapon machine)
Hair: - JUNwave - (previous freebie)
Skin: - Romi Skin - Romi 3 - (previous freebie)
Choker: - Katat0nik - Locked Heart Choker - $25L - (I Colour-changed to red. On left on entrance with other cheapies).

The shirt I'm wearing is from {Bingo}, and I can't get the slurl right at this moment. But I LOVE {Bingo}, it's one of my favourite stores, and I'm going to give it some bloggy love soon. I promise!

Before I go, girls, don't forget to grab the Romi Skin 7 from the lucky-board, and the new skin, #8, from the box at Romi Skin. Last I checked though, the group was closed. Bummer. But if you're already part of the group, and haven't got them yet, try now because there's a sign at Romi's saying the luckyboards finish on the 21st. I'm actually not wearing 7 or 8, because weirdly, it doesn't suit Dunneh, but 3, does. So go figure. However, they're still awesome skins and more than worth getting. Check out her full price stuff while you're there.

Well, I'm outies.


Dutch Touch Giftcard Sale!


Time is of the essence! Dutch Touch is having a sale on gift-cards! They're 50% off for today only. I don't know how long that will last, so I recommend getting your butt down there asap!

Hurry hurry hurry!


Vpose Luuuuurve!


Okay so Ding and Vent are now my two favourite people in Second Life EVAR! I tp'd over to Ding's temporary location, where she has set up some of her poses and most of her new flats! Yep! She told me she is frustrated with the fact that cute flats are hard to come by or expensive, so she's decided to remedy that. For now, she is even offering three styles for free. Get them here. Be aware that this location is temporary, and that they will be moving soon. Anyways, *SQUEE* -- flats! Ding was there when I scrambled over, and she is the sweetest person ever, not to mention she has the cutest avvie! She even gave me (and I think the other girls in there) an extra pair of flats-- blue argyle! Therefore, because I bribe easily, and because they are the nicest people I have ever met in the enter world ever ever EVAR, (!) this post is going to be all about VPoses luuuurve! I decided to showcase each pair of flats with a matching outfit. So without delay... here goes.

Tank: - AyYaiYai - Bad Kitty Tank (White) - Past hunt dollarbie.
Flats: - VPoses - Smiley Flats - $0L
Shirt - Aoharu - $0L - (In their landmark giver, at Crush Row location)
Pants: - Katat0nik - Pink 'Love Butt' Pants - Group Only Freebie -
Necklace: - Violet Voltaire - SweetHeart Necklace: Stupid Cupid - $1L
Earrings: - Violet Voltaire - SweetHeart Earrings: Stupid Cupid - $1L - (Worn, but can't really see) -
Undershirt - Punch Drunk - Green Tank - From a box of freebies in their Crush Row store if I remember correctly.
Skin: - []::Tuli::[] - Post Party Meredith - $0L

Flats: - - VPoses (Temp Store)- Argyle Flats - $0L - (Ding gave me a free pair! So if you ask nicely, she might give you some too!)
Pose: - VPoses - FF #1 - (Temporary freebie, get it while you can!)
Scarf: - AyYaiYai - Cozy Nights Scarf - $180L - (but totes worth it, finally, a scarf that doesn't go THROUGH my bewbs!!)
Cardi:- [42] - 1115 Cardigan Grey - $42L
Shirt:- SD Wears - Knitted Sweater Grey - $1L
Hair: - Shop Seu - Sexy Hair (Brown) - $170L
Skin: - LeLutka - past freebie
Tote: - Sweetest Good-bye Tote Bag - $0L

Flats: - - VPoses (Temp Store)- Green Block Flats - $0L
Pose: - VPoses - FF #1 - (Temporary freebie, get it while you can!)
Top: - EatRice! - Buddha Top - Previous Freebie
Skirt - *FishyStrawberry - Corduroy Skirt - Past Freebie
Hair: - Hal*Hina -
Skin: - Lazolli - Past Freebie, full price now.

Skirt: - Cupcakes - Dotted Dress - Freebie Wall Freebie -
Necklace: - Violet Voltaire - Doll Key Set - Past Freebie
Hair - Aden - 'Lara' Hair - past group gift.
Skin - Lazolli - Current Store Gift
Pose: - C'est La Vie - I'm pretty sure it was this one. I can't remember which one, as I just closed my client, but it was another generous freebie. xD

PHEW. That took me FOR EVAR. I actually started this post two days ago but the photos took the longest part. Sadly, I had to delete my ini files and it reset my graphics settings, so didn't notice I wasn't shooting in high res! AHHHH! Oh well... oh and I forgot anti-aliasing too. ~.~

Anyways, I'm very partial to the multi-colured flats. Aren't they cuute? Furthermore, I talked to Vent the other night at VPoses Starlust Location when I was doing the (often frustrating) Starlust hunt, and apart from being as sweet as Ding, he is even gorgier than in person than on his blog-- *swoon* ! But don't tell him I said that! Let's keep it on the down low, okay?

Thank you to Ding and Vent for making me one happy chicky. I hope I didn't weird you out too much... I have that effect on people. :D Anyway SLURLs are coming soon, as well as more item details. I forgot to mention hairs, and blah. So out of it... and I forgot to save my outfits so I forgot the exact names of everthing.

Ah well I'm outies... Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day to all!


Valentine's Day Aftermath!


Happy Valentine's Day Aftermath, Everybody! I hope you weren't all rejected like poor Dunneh!

HUD:- RC - 'Emo Day' Vday Hud - Kissed Hunt Freebie!
Valentine: - RC- 'Valentine' Freebie

So I'm still recovering after Violet Voltaire's awesome party last night!

Was that fun or what? I'm so glad I came. It was my first one of the year. It was great to meet everybody and make new friends. And it was great to find kindred souls--warped like me! Bwahahaha! I was windowed and on low graphics, so the pics didn't come out great, which is a shame, but some highlights from the night were: Vivi's drunken AO (EW), the avvie contest, A plastered singing bunneh boy, sexy moves by my dancing buddy ChaCha (!), and heckling by me. XD It was great! Oh and let's not forget the DJ-- great music and an adorable voice-- but he's taken, girls. If Vi has another party, you should come down. Tons of great designers poked their heads in so it was a good chance to suck up meet them!

Woo! Partay!

My next post is going to be pic intensive so I figured I would seperate them. See you soon! I'm working on it now! Byeeee~


Kouse's Sanctum Sale


I did not think I would be posting twice in one day... yet Valentine's Day seems just as busy as Christmas for sales, and it is especially busy for me. I have a love of red, and of course, designers have me at their mercy during this time of year...

Case in point: Kouse's Sanctum is having a special promotion, called '25 Roses.' They have set up a secret chamber, (link is below my picture), with 25 pink and red gowns. All are $100L until midnight on the 14th of February. For those who buy every single one of the 25 gowns within the secret chamber, you will receive a gift-card valued at $1000L

Gown: - - Kosue's Sanctum: Secret Chamber - Trinity Gown in 'Blood' - $100L - (secret chamber price only)
Hair: - Magika - (no longer available).


Whimsy Sale... ending today...


Whimsy is having a sale on all it's old skins in order to make room for it's new skin range. However, the sale is for today only. I would recommend that you hurry. All older skins are $1L, with fatpacks at $10L The newer skin line is $10L per skin and $100L for the fatpack. The pale skins are juu~sst to my liking. Very pale and detailed.

Skin:- Whimsy - $1L
Hair: - Kin -
Dress: - Discord -



Rahz, Little Heaven


I ammended my bottom post with a list of vendors who have charity items out-- so check it out and buy something today. Let me just say that I am flabbergasted at the number of people offering items. What a lovely response from Second Life creators, designers, and consumers. It makes me very glad to be an SL citizen. I haven't had an opportunity to check them all out, yet, but I will-- and I hope to get some more items soon.

Something I did have time to check out the other day; Rahz Store is having a sale! From now until Feb 21st, everything in the store is only 10L! Wow! Bargains galore! Rahz has some very nice stuff, don't forget to check the top floor! Be aware that the items are no copy, though, but they are transfer! I bought bought bought, and anything that didn't suit me, I gave away!

Onto Little Heaven! Somehow, I haven't seen this hair featured very often on blogs yet, and I don't know why! It's faboo! I luurve it! I'm not a big fan of the big fuzzy type of hair but LH outdid themselves with this one. Pick it up from a camp chair in the hair area.

Hair:- Little Heaven -Valentine's Day Hair - 0L (camp chair in hair area)
Skin: - Belleza - (old freebie)
Top: - Rahz -Suhan Blouse 2 - 10L (sale price!)
Pants & Shoes:- Little Heaven -Miko Shrine Maiden - 0L (freebie dumpster)

Back on to Rahz! I almost forgot, I got a couple of other sets while I was there, too. Most of these were on the top floor, which I almost missed! Don't forget to wander up there!

Hair: - Little Heaven - Camp Chair Hair - 0L
Pants, Suspenders, Boots, Hat: - Rahz - Neko Set - 10L (includes black printed shirt, not pictured)
Top: - Rahz - Sequined Top - 10L (sale price)
Undershirt: - Tweet - Chie Appled

Thats it for now! Phew! Blogging is hard work!

Welcome to NAF!


Welcome to 'Not Another Fashion Blog' -- NAF for short! This is another one of the multitude of fashion blogs dealing in the world of Second Life. It was originally planned to be a bargain-hunt blog full of freebies but I nixed that for two reasons; firstly, I haven't actually got the time to hunt bargains for myself-- I rely on freebie blogs to do that for me, and secondly, I want to feature things that freebie blogs don't-- namely pay-for stuff, including what bargains are going: sales, offers, events, etc.

Introductions can wait, though. It's with great sadness that my first post goes out, as, being Australian, the inescapable horror of the bush-fires in Northern Victoria have been gracing our TV screens non stop. My heart goes out to the hurt and homeless, and my condolences to those who have lost loved ones. My faith in humanity has plummeted knowing that the fires are suspected arson.

However, my heart was gladdened this morning when I saw that two of my favourite SL designers, Evie's Closet and Lazy Places, were offering charity pieces of their clothing and shoes, with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross. I didn't need to be told twice! I've been eyeing the booties for a while, and I just needed an excuse to get some-- and this is the best reason of all, in my opinion. A heartfelt thank you to Evie and Lazy Places, for offering their items. Dunneh isn't really a gown person, though, but the gown is stunning, and definitely deserves to be featured for those interested. 100% of the proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross

Gown: 'Honor' by -- Evie's Closet -- $L 500 -- all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross

Secondly, our friends at Lazy Places have put out their most popular boots for the same cause. There are two styles of each, white with red trim/buckles etc, (not pictured) and white with teeny red-heart dangles (pictured).

Booties: 'Myth Boots Gryphon Victoria Bushfire Relief White' by - Lazy Places -- $L 400 -- all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross
Dress: 'Pink Dorothy' by -- Katat0nik: Magic of Oz Loc Only! -- $L 350 -- - NOT a charity outfit, but worth mentioning as it is a bargain at 50% off until Valentine's Day.

As I was writing this post, I got another few annoucements regarding charity items designers are putting on sale, with the proceeds heading towards the Red Cross. This warms my heart. I haven't got time to feature them yet with pictures-- (this post took most of my day), but I will mention them:

Firstly-- LAP -- has a cloud pose prop with a rainbow and various animations (I couldn't find it to try it yet, but Dove says there's a demo version on a platform in the air)- $L500

And secondly-- TRUTH -- is offering a limited edition charity hairstyle with individual colors at $L300 and the fatpack at $L1500.

Lastly, if you wish to simply donate, without buying a featured charity item, you're free to do so-- all the places mentioned above also have donation boards set up for the purpose of donating as little or as much as you want. Secondly, I hear the users Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck have set up an avatar specifically to manage the charity donations, called; 'Victoria Farshore' -- Of course, there is always the Australian Red Cross website if you wish to donate online directly to the source, or alternatively, The Salvation Army Australia who also do good work here in Australia.

Before I go, let us not forget our friends in Queensland who have been hit hard by flooding, and many of them are in dire situations as well.

Dig deep my friends <3~>

EDIT: Kota's Knickers has a complete list that she has been updating with creators and designers who are offering charity items. Check it out!