Sweet Everythings


Hello all! It's Friday and you all know what that means; updates! Yay! First off, I picked up the new dress/tunic from =Hal Hina=; I love the lace detailing on it. Also, !Imabee has a new group gift out at their store and I really love the coloring on it; grab it before it's too late.

Skin: !Imabee - Stigma: Rory - $0L - (Group Gift)
Hair: Clawtooth - The Seas Met: Orange You Glad - $200L - (Stumblebum. Pack of 3 Colors)
Hair Rose: Rose Princess - Chain Cross Hakutou - $10L
Dress: Hal Hina - Lace Cami - $0L - (Group Gift)
Necklace: =Izumiya= - Apple Necklace - $0L - (Snow White Hunt Prize)
Tote: Slanted Fox - Vanilla Tote - (Unfortunately, It looks like SF is no more)
Shoes: duh! - Classic Patent Pumps: Red - $0L
Leggings: =Izumiya= - Leggings Pack: Cloud - $0L - (Kawaii Hunt Prize, )
Bracelet: Havana Nights - Dice Bracelet - $0L
Eyes: DP Yum Yum
Eyelashes: Mayden Couture
Poses: estetica

I also checked out DUnltd19 finally, and I adore the skin that Tres Blah has out; it just gives such a mod look; it's great. I am on such a jacket/blazer kick too, the Emery Dressing Room exclusive is awesome. I love TDR so much. It's funny, but I got a lot of blue things lately that match, including the shoes from duh! and glasses from Peppermint Blue.

Dress: Minii Inc - SkoolGuh Pink - $0L - (Think Pink Hunt)
Jacket: Emery @ TDR Blue - Blazer Looked Oil - $50L - (The Dressing Room Blue)
Shoes: duh! - Blue Boots - $0L - (Subscribo Gift, Check Notices)
Glasses: Peppermint Blue - CellFrameGlasses: MarbleBlue - $0L - (Subscriber Gift)
Skin: Tres Blah @ DU19 - Light: Space Mod - $600L
Bag: Berries Inc - (No Longer Avail)
Hair: kik - Karen: Blonde - $100L
Belt: MMs - Mesh Belt Black/Silver - $0L
Socks: Tricolore - Grey Toeless Socks - $0L
Eyes: DP Yum Yum
Necklace: Tres Beau @ Mimi's Choice - Ribbon Pearl Choker - $0L - (Inc. Earrings. Color Change Ribbon)
Poses: dfo!

I seem to have snagged some beachy things lately which is perfect for the Australian weather; it's hotting up here recently. Not so great for people in the Northern Hemisphere, but just hit a beach in SL and sip some pina coladas and wish the cold weather away!

Right Pic:
Hat/Hair: Orage Creations @ Mimi's Choice - OC Summer Hair - $1L
Bikini: Pixel Dolls - Free Tintable Bikini - $0L
Sarong: Sparkling Diamonds via SL Marketplace - Bikini & Pareo - $0L
Shoes: HOC - Yay Wedges - $199L
Skin: GARAGE - Lazy Sunday Skin - (No Longer Avail)
Bangles: BOOM - Plastic Candy Bangles - $20L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Necklace Liquid Candy - Nympho Light - $50L
Eyes: DP Yum Yum
Eylashes: Cherry Girl - $0L - (Group Luckyboard)

Left Pic:
Bikini: izm. - swimsuit KDC gift - $10L - (this color no longer avail, but you can get a similar suit from the $10L gatcha)
Shoes: HOC - Yay Wedges - $199L
Skin: Tuli @ The Dressing Room - $65L - (no longer avail)
Hair: Shag - Breathe Me - (Hair Fair Exclusive)
Bangles: BOOM - Plastic Candy Bangles - $20L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Bag: Orage Creations @ BOSL - OC Red Bag - $1L
Pose: Geez @ Project Donate

Also, I stumbled across a store called Cherry Girl in my wanderings; it has some really cute items in the luckyboard, including a brown mini I won which I haven't featured here. Also, Romi's new gift skin is awesome, my pics don't do it justice. As you can tell, I am totally loving my new HOC wedges, too.

Dresses: Cherry Girl - Party Mini Dress/Sflower White Dress - $0L - (Group Luckyboard)
Skin: Romi Skin - 2010 Group Gift 6 - $0L - (Luckybord or Group Join)
Hair: Fashionably Dead - Native - (Hair Fair; But Avail In Mainstore)
Shoes: HOC - Yay Wedges - $199L
Poses: Cherry Girl

Last but not least, EL'n is closing down and because of this, everything is 5-10L -- I wasn't familiar with El'n before, but it's a shame because it has some super super cute items. My favourites were the little bear outfits; but I bought lots of things, including the cute turtle pet and the frog blaster

Brown Bear: El'n - Teddy Uniform - $10L
Polar Bear: El'n - Polar Bear Outfit - $10L
Skin: Mynerva - OMG That's Adorable Skin - (No Longer Avail)
Poses: AnA

Well, that's it from me for another week. Take care, Nafashionistas!


Wear Gray, Wear Great.


I know I said I wouldn't blog big events, but it was decidedly empty when I dropped by the Wear Gray charity event earlier this week that I decided that people needed a little reminder to go-- it's for a good cause, and there is also hunt on at the sim; you can buy the grey ribbons hidden in various stores for $20L each and grab some really neat stuff.

Apart from that, I dropped by a store called Halcali, which had this yellow dress which I am totally in love with-- so bright and funky! They also have 50% off the other colors, so check it out now. I also happened across a store called RubisoHo which I had never heard of before-- the luckyboard hair they are giving away is awesomesauce.

Also, Long Awkard Pose gave me one of their blogger packs; yay! Thank you so much! I will put it to good use!

Shoes: Lazy Places @ Wear Gray - Doodle Flats: Black - $20L - (Hunt Prize. 5 colors inc!)
Pants: Rezlpsa Loc @ Wear Grey - Wear Grey Jeans - $20L - (Hunt Prize)
Jacket w/ Scarf: Izzies @ Wear Grey - Wear Black/White Outfit - $400L - (Inc. Full Outfit, Not Just Jacket + Optional Scarf)
Umbrella: Kuristyle - Princess Umbrella - $7L - (w/ Close/Open function)
Hair: RubisoHo - Suki: Umber - $0L - (Luckyboard).
Skin: Mango Mango @ Wear Grey - Licked: Pale - $50L
Dress: Halcali - Kiss Tank: Yellow - $0L - (Group Gift)
Glasses: Beetlebones - Oversized Pop Shades: White 'Cool Lens' - $30L - (Gatcha Random Chance)
Belt: Izumiya (for Peppermint Blue) - Feb Belt - (No Longer Avail.)
Eyes: DragonLady's Closet @ Wear Gray - Dragon Eyez: Hazel Brown/Grey - $0L
Stud: Sanu @ Wear Grey - Greatest Love Marilyn Stud: Yellow - $130L - (Inc. Monocle)
Poses: LAP

Shoes: Lazy Places @ Wear Gray - Doodle Flats: Blue - $20L - (Hunt Prize. 5 colors inc!)
Pants: Rezlpsa Loc - Measuretape Flower Jeans - $1L
Top: Rezlpsa Loc - Purple Tank Top - $1L
Jacket: Izzies @ Wear Grey - Wear Color Outfit - $400L - (Inc. Full Outfit, Not Just Jacket + Optional Scarf)
Eyes: DragonLady's Closet @ Wear Gray - Dragon Eyez: Hazel Brown/Grey - $0L -
Necklace: Primalot - Fish Anyone? - $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Hair: kik @ Fashion House - (No Longer Avail)
Skin: TryannyD - Grixdale Teagan - (No Longer Avail)
Undershirt: [NOP] - (No Longer Available)
Poses: Glitterati

Earrings: BOOM - Skinny Plastic Earrings - $10L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Shirt: Paper Doll - Kiss Shirt - $0L - (Think Pink Hunt)
Jacket: R.icielli @ TDR - Stefani Blazer - $60L - (@ The Dressing Room)
Hair: Magika @ Hair Fair - $0L -
Jeans: MonS - Superstar Jeans: Dots - $50L - (Mons Outlet. On Sale. Pack of 5)
Eyes: Curio @ Hair Fair - Hair Fair Gift - $0L -
Shoes: Ay Yai Yai - (Not Sure If Avail)
Belt: Liquid Candy - (Not Sure If Avail)
Necklace: Liquid Candy - (Not Sure If Avail)
Sunglasses: >IMANI - Sunglasses: Cherry - $0L - (Think Pink Hunt)
Skin: Pink Fuel - Raine: Cream 'Intoxicate' - $300L -
Poses: Viva Poses Discount Shop - Cheeky - $40L - (5 pack)

That's it from me this week. I hope you enjoyed.


The D!va


It's Friday, which means it's time for my weekly update; So, around two weeks ago, I was hanging around D!va, waiting for my letter on the luckyboard and blogging the entry before last (which features one hair from D!va already), when I met the owner, Marisa Kira. She was setting up a new group gift, which very kindly gave to me immediately because she needed me to go while she set it up. She also gave me the hair from ALL the boards I was waiting for, and she was very sweet when I chatted to her. So, because my most favourite thing in this world is people who are nice I am extremely pleased to feature some D!va hair this update. I also swung by one of my favourite stores, Kuri Style, which has new (to me) cheapies out that I hadn't seen before, including some I haven't blogged.

Hair: D!va - Masami: Carrot (A Type) - $0L - (Lucky Board Limited Color)
Blouse & Hat: Kuri Style - Once Piece - $1L
Ace Of Hearts: Boof - Ace of Hearts - $0L - (Free Gatcha)
Skin: Dekade @ TDR Blue - Claire - $70L
Skirt: Petunia - Leopard Print Skirt - $1L - (Weekend Dollarbie No Longer Avail. Sorry).
Tights: Saya - Python Tights Set - $0L
Boots: Bounce - Sexy Engine Leather Grey - $200L
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

I picked up some things from Project Donate which is an event for Unicef helping flood victims in Pakistan. There are a ton of amazing things there, including this skin from Tik Tok, and umbrella from Fake. Don't forget to get that super cute Truth hair I blogged this week from Project Donate as well. Shopping for a good cause is exactly my thing!

Hair: D!va - Chieko: Pearl - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Umbrella: Fake @ Project Donate - $50L
Undershirt: Fishy Strawberry - Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - $0L
Cardigan: FIR & MNA - Trevour Cardigan: Plum - $1L - (Only @ Elliot)
Shorts: Lo*momo - Short Pants: Blue - $1L - (Includes a Black Pair)
Leggings: =Izumiya= - Leggings: Grey - $0L
Socks: Emery - Socks: Blue - $0L
Shoes: Peppermint Blue - Paws Walker - $0L - (Subscribo Gift. They are two left shoes though, if you look carefully! lol)
Bracelet: Fairy Tail @ LeLook - Leather Bracelets - $1L (Only @ LeLook. Reg $30L) - (Gatchapon)
Earrings: Fairy Tail @ LeLook - Leather Pierce - $1L (Only @ LeLook. Reg $15L)- (Gatchapon)
Skin: Tik Tok @ Project Donate - Stella 2 Medium Promo - $99L
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Lava Dust - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

So, project Themory's theme this week was 'Back To School' which inspired me to create a cute fuku like school uniform. I wanted to buy one, and I searched, but I just don't know where to look anymore. I wanted one like the ones I used to get from Sera Korea which is sadly, now gone. So I couldn't find anything else in my budget, and had to make it myself. I don't think I did too badly, considering. And I absolutely adore this skin from Mother Goose's. It's so awesome and edgy! Unfortunately the MijnT school props are no longer there, sorry about that

Hair: D!va @ Creator's Pavillion - Tomoko: Carrot - $0L - (Lucky Board)
White Shirt: Cupcakes - Collared Shirt - $10L - (Cupcakes Sale)
Coat: =Izumiya= - F Set 22 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Leoni Hurt 1 - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Necktie: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Skirt: =Izumiya= - Skirt Pink - $0L - (Freebie inc. Red Skirt)
Legwarmers: =Izumiya= - F Set 22 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Pencil & Pads: MijnT - Project Themory: Back to School - (No Longer Avail)
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - Mollies (Color Change) - $100L
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Lava Dust - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

Lastly, I grabbed some of the awesome full sets that Izumiya is famous for-- I love Izumiya, it's so adorable. I managed to mix and match two complete outfits using them, pairing it with various cute items I've found around the grid. I love these outfits so much.

Left Outfit:
Hair: D!va - Chiharu: Topaz (Forelock) - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Scarf: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Bag: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Glasses: [kik] - Megane 02_A - $40L
Vest: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Sweater: Emery - Reno Sweater - $25L - (Includes 4 Other Colors)
Bracelet: Jill - Wooden Braclet - (Jill Has Closed Down)
Skirt:Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L -
Socks: Mother Goose's -
Shoes: duboo - flat shoes beige - $0L - (Subscribo gift. Must click on the delivery box, and select option 2)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Rika 02 - $30L
Bag: =Izumiya= - Full Set 24
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Pose: Kuri Style

Right Outfit:
Hair: D!va - Chinatsu: Black Amber A - $0L - (Group Member 6000 Gift)
Glasses: [kik] - Megane 02_B - $40L
Undershirt: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Overshirt: kuri style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Vest: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Bag: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Pants:Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L -
Necklace: Love Soul - Ramen Necklace - (No Longer Avail.)
Socks: AnA - Ribbon Sock: Mint - $0L - (Lucky Board, inc. top of socks but I couldn't attach those and the prim pants)
Shoes: Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Skin: Mother Goose's - Rika 01 - $30L
Pose:Kuri Style

Again that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed.

Cupcakes Sale and Hair Fair!


Mm, I was meant to finish this post like two days ago, but I kind of went nuts at the Cupcake Sale and Hair Fair. And now, more than 24 hours later I am a) broke and b) having to complete pics for a mammoth post that is way out of control; I know I said I wouldn't blog big sales or events, but when I checked out Cupcakes Discontinued Sale, it was decidely empty for some reason, and it looks like not a lot of people have blogged it yet (or at least they hadn't when I first started the post)! So, this is an 'extra' post (I will still be posting this friday, don't worry). So anyway. I'm going to let the pics do the talking and pretty much shut up now! Enjoy!

Dresses: Cupcakes - Black Ruffly Corset, Steel Dress, Princess Dress - $10L-$25Lea - (On Sale)
Skin: Cupcakes - Fantasy (Whisper) Includes Ears - $100L - (Moving/Discontinued Sale)
Hair TRUTH @ Project Donate - Aloha Fatpack - $500L - (For A Good Cause)
Poses: Black Dress: Olive Juice, White Dress, Grey Dress: Glitterati

Shoes: HOC - Sneaker Wedges - $30L - (Color Changeable)
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Hair Fair - 2010 Goodie Box - $0L - (Color Changeable)
Top & Pants + Vest: Cupcakes - Zebra - $10L - (Includes 3 Shirts)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure (Vertical) - $100L - (Discontinued Line Sale)
Belt: MALT - Scooter Jeans Scarf - (Not sure if still avail. Past group gift)
Bracelet: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Leggings: GATO - Leggings (Grass) - $0L
Poses:dfo! - @ Designer's United 4 -

Hair LoQ Hairs - Pure Beauty (Ash Black) - $ - (@ Designers United 4)
Top: Cupcakes - Leopard Vneck - $10L - (On Sale)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Black Poofy Skirt - $10L - (On Sale)
Bracelet: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Earrings: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure (Copper) - $100L - (Moving/Discontinued Sale)
Shoes: Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy) - Steel Toed Ankle Granny Boots (Gears of Time) -
Poses: Izumiya

Hair: ATOMIC @ HairFair - Sweet Sugar (Coffee) - $800L (for fat pack)
Skin: Cupcakes - Cameo 'Marine' - $100L - (On Sale)
Shoes: Ryouta Works - Wedge Sandal - (Old Freebie)
Top: Cupcakes - Ruffled Rose Top - $25L - (On Sale)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Cutsey Floral Pink - $25L - (On Sale)
Bag: Copain Group - Summer Bag - $0L - (Must be a group member. $300L entry fee)
Poses: [LAP]

Hair: Clawtooth @ Hair Fair - French Connection - Captivating Brunettes Pack - $275L
Shirt/Dress: Cupcakes - Loppy Dress Red - $0L - (Midnight Mania. It is a dress technically)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Cutsey Floral Pink - $25L - (On Sale)
Bag: Kawaii Jelly - Boom Box Bag - (Old Freebie)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure: Mocha (Bare) - $100L - (On Sale)
Shoes: [NS]
Poses: Leafy

Dress: Cupcakes - Angie Dress, Striped Dress, Green Lacy Glitter - $10-25L ea - (On Sale)
Hair: Kin @ Hairfair - Harriet: Brown, Blonde, Black - $100L ea/$800L fp -
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure: Lace (Mauve Frek) - $100L - (On Sale)
Poses: Fumi Pose

Hair: Kin @ Hairfair - Elsa (Orange, Cherry, Black, Sand) - $100L ea / $800L fp - (Hair Fair Exclusive)
Dresses: Cupcakes - Beaded Dress (Off White, Green, Hot Pink, Purple) - $10L each - (On Sale)
Skin: Cupcakes - Fantasy (Masked) - $100L - (Discontinued Line Sale)
Shoes: Miel - Mole Shoe - (Not Free)
Poses: Elisa Poses For Friends - (Don't think it's around anymore. )

Pants: Cupcakes - Various Pants - $10L each - (On Sale)
Tops: Cupcakes - Dotted Tops - $10L each - (On Sale)
Skins: Cupcakes - Allure: Lace (Rave), Genius: Sugar (Haze), Seduction 2.0: Champagne (Moonlight Frek), Daydream: Cameo (Darkness) - $100L each - (On Sale)
Hair on Red Pants: Beetlebones @ Hairfair - Shaggy: Platinum Blonde - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on Purple Pants: Uncleweb @ Hair Fair - Denis Hair Small - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on Blue Pants: LALAmoon @ Hairfair - Pegasus: Ash Silver - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on White Pants: Nodoka @ Hairfair - Ai: Brown - $50L -
Sneakers: HOC - Velcro Sneakers - $50L -
Poses: [LAP]

Phew. That took forever... I keep biting off more than I can chew. But I looove taking pics. Anyway I really hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love,

Oldie But Goodie ♥


I'm participating in the 'Oldie But Goodie' blogging theme that Alysha Rennahan has put up through plurk, and it was a bit of a challenge finding things old enough-- most pre-2008 stuff I've thrown away! But I did find my very first 'good' skin-- 'Scarlet Vanilla' aquired in 2006! I have no idea where or how I got it and the creator says 'newbie_template Linden' But, I'm sure it was never part of the original avatars, as far as I know-- it's not in my library in any case. It's quite featureless by today's standards, but for 2006, it was the prettiest skin I owned. Everything beneath the face is barbie like though. x3 Oh! Remember the one full perm CS skin floating around with the freckles? That one never suited me though, but I rember getting it and giving it to like all my alts!

So, this is one of my first freebie outfits ever-- the hair especially was my first fave hair-- I absolutely adored it and refused to take it off. It was also my first indication that freebies could be as good as the full price stuff-- and that I didn't look any good with the neon pink stilettos with massive bling. Hoo boy. I cringe when I think about how I and other people used to look in SL, and am surprised when I STILL continue to see some people looking slightly that way! There's no excuse now! Ahh! But it's kind of amazing, all these items are 2008 and they still hold up pretty well. I still adore the cardigan from [42] and I still wear it! It goes with everything!

*keep in mind none of these items may be available anymore, even though the creators are still around!
Hair: Uw.St
Cardigan [42] - Grey Cardigan -
Dress: ICING - Night Mist
Shoes: TRUTH - Balmoral Pumps -
Eyes: Mai Bodyshop
Skin: - Scarlett Vanilla -
Pose: 1 & 2 - ++Desire++
Pose: 3 - Olive Juice

This second outfit is from around 2006-2007 (except the shoes and I think skin) and is comprised of the first things I ever bought in game, ever! Yes, really. This was the first items I ever purchased! The first thing I ever bought was the Kin hair, even before I had a proper outfit! I still love this hair, and I feel the quality of it stands the test of time. Next, the dress was the very first item of clothing I paid for from *tweet* which sadly seems to be defunct now. . I like to think I made good choices as I feel the quality of them are still really relevant today. I remember coveting all their outfits! I felt *tweet* was one of the first creators to bring something different to the table, namely asian fusion fashion that is now so prevalent in SL. At the time, the 'norm' for fashion, was well... whore wear! Ahh! (In some sims, it still is! ) And the UBU shoes, well Gabi blogged them first-- but that reminded me, those UBU shoes were the first pair of shoes I ever bought in game, and the most expensive item I had ever bought at the time! Of course since then I've dropped money quicker than I can earn it!

Skin: Ti'ko
Outfit: *tweet*
Shoes:: Urban Bomb Unit
Leggings: Punch Drunk
Hair: Kin
Poses: Olive Juice - $0L - Hide & Seek Hunt - (on now!)

Well that's it from me, I hoped you liked my delve into memory lane!


Little China Girl


Well, I promised to blog today, because I have another day off, and I've been slacking off all day watching the Emerald Viewer Scandal unfold before my eyes, so I'm sorry that it took me so long to blog! I'm up late doing it juuuust for you guys! See how much I love you?

So, today, all the clothing featured comes from a store I stumbled upon one day; Lika Ruby. I was visiting Mikan for their hair, and Lika Ruby is the immediate neighbor of Mikan in Korombei-- I had never come across it before, and it's a delight! Totally worth visiting. Named after it's creator, everything at Lika Ruby has a slight asian flavor; reminiscent of China. The best thing is that there are a ton of freebies! So, first up is the Kunfu I picked up at the Creator's Pavillion store -- there is also a version for guys, so check it out! The rest of the stuff is at their main store. Interestingly, it kinda co-incided with me picking up the gorgeous Amaterasu skin that Pink Fuel has released exclusively for The Circle Project -- I love this skin so much that I even bought it in cocoa-- usually I only buy light tones for Dunneh, but it looked so awesome in dark tones that I just had to have it! And again, by co-incidence, the hair I picked up at Mikan totally suited. It's kinda funny how outfits just fall together sometimes. Anyway enough of my babbling, onto the pics and slurls!

Hair: Mikan - Melmo Black 02 - $1L -
Outfit: Lika Ruby @ CP - Kunfu - $0L - (Opening gift at CP)
Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Amaterasu Skin (Cream) - $150L - (Circle Project exclusive)
Pose:Sadistic Hacker - Katana Pose - $0L

Next up, I hae more hair and tons of free/cheapie skins I managed to nab, as well as three really cute Qi Pao's from Lika Ruby-- be aware, all of them come with a choice of skirt length, mini or knee length. The diamond pattern one includes a shirt. Now the hair: I came across a store called D!va yesterday that I had never heard of and when I visited the mainstore today, I met the owner. She is super, super nice! Ahh! She is so sweet, I can't get over it. She set me up with lots of hair which I will be blogging next time-- right now I'm only blogging the one I had picked up yesterday as I had taken the pics for this entry before meeting her. But look out for the other hairs next entry! After that, I hit the luckyboard at Mikan and Kik-- again, it's kinda funny how the things I pick up just seem to suit what I'm going to wear. Lastly, don't forget to pick up the adorable skin that !Imabee has out at the Circle Project for only $50L! Bargain! It's totally worth getting, not only is it amazing, the owner, Brendan Papp, is nice and funny. Lastly, don't forget to pick up Romi Skin's new group gift-- it's free for members or you can wait for a luckyboard. The group has a join fee. Lastly, and importantly, I am offering closeups on my flickr for all the skins I featured (except I forgot to do the Mother Goose one)!

Hair: D!va - Haruka (Black Amber) - $0L - (Join Group, Touch Board; Limited Group Gift. Incl two versions)
Skin: !Imabee - Petal (Red Brow) - $50L - (The Circle Project Exclusive)
Shoes MijnT - Potato Shoes (Mint) - ? - (Gatchapon, Not Free, Previously Blogged)
Dress Lika Ruby - China Dress LC Green - $0L - (Lucky Board)

Hair:Mikan - Momo (Espresso) - $0L - (Lucky Board. Includes 2 versions)
Dress: Lika Ruby - China Dress - $0L - (Group Gift. Touch board)
Skin: Romi Skin - 2010 Gift Skin 5 - $0L - (Free on luckyboard, or join group for 100L to pick it up immediately)
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - (Not Free. Old)

Dress: Lika Ruby - 1st Anniversary Gift - $0l - (Group Gift)
Hair: Kik - Kate 03 Black - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Lewrence 2B - $0L -
Shoes 50 Flats by Ding Fortherington - (Old Freebie. Not sure what is up with 50 Flats now. =\ We miss you Ding and Vent!)

**all poses are all by ./Tea - Circle Project Exclusive - $100L

That's it from me, it's 4am and I'm aching. Ahh. I hope you enjoyed.


Cute, Cuter, Cutest!


I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in a while; I have had tons of things to blog but work picked up over the weekend. So! Lots of things to nab this week; first off is this great group gift skin from Ami Style-- there are two styles of skins, and two body shapes in the pack! I don't usually preview shapes in the blog, but they were super cute also. Also, a dropped by a store called Beetlebones which had a ton of freebies in the store, really cute ones too. I especially LOVE the blazer! Also, I found a new (to me) store in my travels called ][AWRAM-VIE][-- it has some super super cute dollarbies on the wall as you enter, including two luckyboards-- the store is super cute too. A new fave for me! Also I have been lazy and gone to a photo studio to take these pics. =X

Dress: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Dress Mesh Pink - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Hair: Eha (@ Creator's Pavillion Sale) - Wakana Hair Fatpack - $150L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Shoes: Beetlebones - BB Sarang Flats - $50L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skin: Ami Style - Malika Natural 01 - $0L - (NB: Skin is Lashless. Group Gift. Join Group)
Poses: AnA

So, more ][AWRAM-VIIE][ and Beetlebones, I love this outfit. This includes a top I got from SOMAPOP at the Creator's Pavillion sale. Also, most of my poses are from the two $10L packs that AnA has up for $10L!

Layered Top: SOMAPOP - hemd grey - $12L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Blazer: Beetlebones - BB sculpted pumps - $50L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skirt: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Skirt Beige Lace - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Leggings: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Pant Sweat Grey - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Skin: Ami Style - Malika Natural 02 - $0L - (NB: Skin is Lashless. Group Gift. Join Group)
Hair: Eha (@ Creator's Pavillion Sale) - Wakana Hair Fatpack - $150L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Necklace: Whippet & Buck - Love is A Deserter Necklace - $75L - (From Hair Fair Gatcha. No Longer Avail?)
Shoes Beetlebones - BB Black Pumps - $1L -

Lastly, some cute things I've found around; I haven't seen this hair from LOVE SOUL mentioned at the time I got it last week, but it might be old news by now. I love it; it's super cute but it took me forever and a day to get at the Lucky Chair. Totes worth it though! And in looking for something to match it I came across the pants, and hoodie. Totally urban, me. The skin is from PINK FUEL which I bit the bullet and finally bought, even though those griefers made me feel guilty for wanting it. I love it, and am so happy I got it. If only I wasn't so broke, I'd buy more PF skins as I adore them and they really suit Dunneh's face. Ahh! I need more cash!

Hair: LOVE SOUL - Watermelon Hair - $0l - (Lucky Chair)
Skin & Stickers: [PINK FUEL] - Ganguro Skin - $400L
Hoodie: =VIS= - Black Parker - $0L - (KDC Group Gift)
Pants: =VIS= - Sportswear Pant BrownxYellow - $0L - (KDC Lucky Board)
Shoes: Amaama - Sneaker - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Leggings: Milk Motion - My Cutout Leggings Red - $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Necklace & Earrings Beetlebones - Starfish Set - $1L
Bracelets GATO - Malibu Bracelets - $15L - (Gatchapon)

Before I go-- a semi-announcement. While it's been the stance of this blog for a long time, I've decided to refocus my blogging efforts and go back to try to only blog uncommons. Which means no BIG sales, no common freebies (if that's possible?), less fairs, less weekly discounts such as FLF, and NO hunts! Yes, really. This isn't to say I won't blog certain things that have been picked up in a hunt, or at a fair or at FLF, -- after all I try to blog things I like and have recently picked up so that you all have a chance to get them too-- but the common items won't be the focus of my entry. I'm still going to do hunts, go to fairs, and check out weekly discounts-- and I will still wear what I like from them, but the items won't be the main feature of my entry, just an addenum or a reminder to pick up the item. I'll always try to feature something you haven't seen at least a dozen times before. I can't promise anything, but I will try my hardest. My reasoning for this is that there are enough bloggers covering big sales, (like TRUTH's for example), and big hunts (such as the Platinum Hunt) as well as big events like Shoe Fair and Hair Fair. Do you really want to see the same item reblogged a thousand million times, in a hundred different ways? And even if you do, do you really want to come to MY crappy blog to see the same hair you've already seen on SL's Fashion Feed? I didn't think so. So, I'm going to go back to basics and find sales and freebies and bargains the old fashioned way-- exploring. Likewise, all the things I blog, I will have found on my own (unless specified otherwise; I will credit if my source is another blog). At least this way you can come to NAF and see something new, hopefully! I mean, there's always a chance someone gets to it before me, we may have discovered the store at a similar time, or it may be an old item I've missed-- after all I've been MIA a year and I really don't check FF and FS every day. So please forgive me if this happens. I'm trying not to do that, and you have my word that I'm actually going out there and finding these places myself though. Lastly, my twitter will still mention stores (any stores, big small, etc) that are having sales so you can check them out-- so please continue to give me tips regarding sales, events and fairs, and I will put them up.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed it!