Friday Fantabulouso

It's Friday, and you know what that means! So, actually felt really inspired this week, and I worked very hard to realize my inspiration! It's funny how some weeks it's difficult to even think of one combo to wear, but other weeks things just fall into place. When that happens, I find that somehow everything goes my way-- lucky boards just miraculously change to 'D' easily, and I stumble across an elusive item that would totally round off what I have in mind. Anyway I'll shut up now!

Skin: Dimbula Rose - Colorful Star Clown Skin - $0L - (luckyboard)
Hair: Analog Dog - pistacchio rose - $0L - (look for the clear bubbles on the left of the tp point)
Earrings: MonS - Mons Gift 1 - $1L - (other colors inc.)
Glasses: Beautiful Disaster - shutter glasses - $0L - (blame it on the pop hunt, you are looking for a record)
Shirt: Decollage @ GNUBIE - Tshirt Pack 2: hugs not drugs - $1L
Armwarmers: burnt orange (aridoki) via SL marketplace - rainbow wraps - $1L
Belt: Izumiya - tie belt/patterns - $70L - (inc. color change options)
Pants: JEM - baggy pants grey - $10L - (on sale stand on left of tp)
Leggings: Beatnik - Leopard Pants Blue - $0L - (found thanks to ...addicted blog)
Shoes: J.E.M - sneakers white - $10L - (with color change options, on sale stand)
Ring: edge grafica - 32 square ring - $0L - (color change options)
Headphones: JILL - (no longer avail)
Necklace: epoque - (no longer avail)
POSES: Izumiya

I love this shirt! "Hugs Not Drugs" is something I quote a lot in real life, so to find a shirt with it on is awesomesauce! For those not familiar with the phrase it's an actual US anti-drug slogan from the 60s or 70s, that sounds kinda stupid and dated nowadays (it probably sounded stupid then, too, actually-- who seriously thought that would work?) But it's funny, so I say it. Oh, elaborating on the 'things going my way' thing I was talking about at the start of this entry-- I have been trying to get the skin in this pic from Dimbula Rose for weeks now. It has two skins on the board, and a long wait on the board, so it's kinda difficult to get. In waiting I managed to get all the other skins but the circus skin was eluding me so I gave up last week. So anyway I needed a skin to round off the outfit, and I had a decent one, but then I remembered about the DM skin being pretty pop-y and cute, so I decided to swing by Dimbula Rose just before I started taking the pics of the outfit, and bam-- there was a D on the board with 1 minute left! So, it's funny how things fall together sometimes. Anyway let me take this opportunity to show you a close up of the skin, which I totes love. There are cute star tattoos and things on it too.

*the eyes are poetic colors freebie

Hair: KMH - hair f003 morganite - $0L
Glasses: [miw] @ Gnubie - soda painted sunglasses: blue - $1L
Brooch: Frangipani Garden - Ume Hairpin - $0L - (luckyboard-- yes it's actually a hairpin)
Leggings: u.f.o - leggings: grunge yellow green - $40L - (in left building from tp point)
Boots: COCO - flat ankle boots - $0L - (group gift)
Jacket: J.E.M - baloon jacket black - $10L - (on sale stand)
Skirt: Honey Soul @ Lovesoul - triangle skirt - $0L
Skin: Tuli @TDR - Helena 04 - $65L
Bag: [chuculet] - maya bag: turquoise - $5L
Earrings: [chuculet] - belle jewelry set: turquoise - $1L - (includes a necklace)
Bracelet & Rings: [chuculet] - belle jewelry set: turquoise - $1L
Flower Bracelet: Ruru@Tear - marmelo & karin bangle - $0L - (luckyboard)
POSES: center, left: dfo - right: kuristyle

This post actually took forever namely thanks to this third picture, where I had all sorts of problems: Firstly posing the KOISADA bag-- it has a limiting script on it that won't even let you attach to other points for some ungodly reason, and killing the script wouldn't work, so I had pose then move the bag to the other hand each time it was in the way. And then I couldn't remember where I'd gotten the earrings/necklace from (it's usually in the mainstore, but I went there and it doesn't have the freebie version) so and I had to retrace my steps sim by sim and tp by tp until I stumbled across it again-- since there were no alternate store locs in the owners picks. Lastly, to make it even even harder, Mother Goose's has redone their main store so it took me a while to find BINI again; though it's not hard to find, it was just something to add to this week's frustration. And to add insult to injury, when taking pics finally, my home sim went down for maintenance-- so I tp'd over to my fave sandbox. And just when I had set up my photobooth over there, and angled the camera correctly, that went down for maintenence too! So I tp'd back to my house and that's when my comp locked up and I lost my current blog post, including the last slurls I had just compiled (for this particular outfit), and I had to do it again. Argh! What should have been an hour to make sure the slurls etc were correct took about four, just for the one picture. I mean it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it was just oddly frustrating how everything was going wrong. It seems to be the picture that didn't want to exist, haha. Anyway at least the result was worth it!

Dress: 1mm - denim dot dress - $0L - (inc optional shirt; group gift)
Skin: Mother Goose's - bini set 03 - $50L - (in discounted area outside; set of four skins)
Hair: Shag - paper tiger: brown - $49L - (on sale for dude sale)
Earrings: FlugeIn Brise @ Sannomiya - mah jade - $0L
Ring: December via SLMarketplace - rose ring - $0L
Shoes: Bitter Lipped via SLMarketplace - robins egg ballerina flats - $1L
Bag: Koisada - kago bag - $0L - (nice but slightly annoying; has a script preventing it from attaching anywhere other than your right hand-- yes it says left but it's actually right hand, making posing very very difficult. D:)
Eyes: Ibanez
POSES: Izumiya

Almost to make up for the third picture taking forever, this one went really smoothly, so that's good at least! It almost made itself! But not quite. :P

Hair: D!va - chiaki: citrine - $0L - (group gift; optional hat and rose)
Skin: Mother Goose's - bini set 03 - $50L - (in discounted area outside; set of four skins)
Bag: Milk Motion - my vintage bag - (past promo item; not sure if still avail)
Top: 1mm - denim dot dress - $0L - (inc. optional dress prim; group gift)
Necklace: FlugeIn Brise @ Sannomiya - angel egg jade - $0L
Bangles: !!KKBB!! - wood bangles - $1L
Sandals: [chuculet] - sandalettes desrah: beach - $5L
Skirt: u.f.o - ballerina skirt - $1L - (in left building from tp point)
Eyes: Ibanez

Well that's it from me; I hope you enjoyed this weeks looks.