Kiss Kiss, Cute Cute

Hey Nafashionistas! I actually happened across a store called M+M in my travels last week, while exploring the Koenji sim. It's a great store full of really great outfits. I found four luckyboards in the corner of the store, in a cute little alcove. As I waited for the boards in the span of about two-three days, it was interesting-- because obviously somehow the store hit some freebie list or something-- I began noticing people tping in and nabbing the group gift at the entrance. Somehow most people didn't see or want to wait for the boards, so I don't think they've been featured very much yet-- I hope, at least. Note that the candy blouse has a blousey prim attachment that you can add to your stomach. I thought my outfit looked better with the shirt layer tucked in, so I did it that way.

The other store I happened across is one called !!Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!! which is new to probably only me-- it's the first time I hear of it. It's a freebie/cheapie store, that offers cheap yet well made clothing. I liked it a lot because I find it hard to accessorize well cheaply, and I'm always greatful to happen across low priced accessory stores like this, and Chuculet which I adore. Just note that Chuculet has similar belts for cheaper ($1L vs $5L) compared to !!KKBB!! if you're going to buy any belts-- I bought mine before I realized this. Nevertheless, !!KKBB!! is a great store-- the yellow skirt is actually a really nice dress. I loved it so much I bought all the colors! Also, I was doing a hunt and came across Ronsem which so far has amazing stuff, including a free hair near the hair area inside the store; it's really awesomely made, too. So much so I am considering buying more hair (except I wish they did fatpacks as I don't know which color to buy!)

Top: **M+M** - Blouse: Candy - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Skirt: !!KKBB!! - Claudia Dress: Yellow - $5L - (Only Wearing Skirt)
Belt: !!KKBB!! - Kaya Belt: Black & Silver - $5L
Shoes: !!KKBB!! - Wrapped Heels: Orange - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Bag: Magi Take - Mini Bag: Black - $10L
Leggings: Creamshop - Border Leggings: Black - $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Gloves: HalCali @ KDC - Lace Glove - $1L
Skin: Cupcakes - 'London' Sienna: Dolled - $0L - (Midnight Mania)
Hair: Ronsem - Mai: Blonde - $0L
Glasses: Role Optic - Bon - $379L
Earrings: *BOOM* - Ion Earrings: Rainbow - (No Longer Avail)
Poses: SHISHEDo?

I adore this dress from !!KKBB!! -- it's my favourite one there, although they have tons of great dresses. And the colors happen to co-incide with this jewelled wing attachment I grabbed from BOOM's luckyboard which I didn't notice last time I visited BOOM. The tattoo I was informed about last week by a friend of CINQ ONZE and I'm glad I checked it out. I don't usually wear tattoos (I would say they're not my style) but I appreciate well made tattoos, and this is both pretty and well made. The skin is a new group gift by Candydoll!

Dress: !!KKBB!! - Adel Dress - $5L
Shoes: Ruru@Pino - Arietta Sour - $39L - (Gatcha Random Chance)
Hair: Magika - Discount Fatpack 'Ziba' Blue - $100L
Tattoo: CINQ ONZE - Heartbreak Tattoo - $0L - (Group Gift)
Skin: Candydoll - Dollie Gift - $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Earrings: BOOM - Skinny Plastic Earrings: Teal - $10L - (Gatcha Random Chance)
Bracelet: BOOM - Mod Bangles: Hottie - $20L - (Gatcha Random Chance)
Wings: BOOM - Aranel's Diamond Heart Wings: Teal - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Eyelashes: Mayden Couture
Poses: Tea **Sale On Now, Found Out Thanks to Gabi SL's Good Deals**

Unfortunately, when I started this, Magika's was on sale, and it's not now, sorry about that-- but they do have a free hairstyle in the color demo area, which I haven't featured, but check that out. Also, I stopped by McSkin again, which has the cutest skin ever in its luckyboard, totally adorable. I love the all in one you get at M+M so much I've styled it in three ways.

Hair: Magika - Morning: Chocolate
Necklace: Twinkleberry @ JaNyet - Necklace: Conchiglia - $0L - (JaNyet Pick Reward)
Skin: McSkin - Luckyb201008 - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Pants: M+M - All-in-One Polka Dot - $0L - (Luckyboard. Inc. Top)
Top: RibboN - Scarf Camisole - $0L
Cardie: Jazumi - Tiffany: Sweater 'Tea' - $50L - (Currently 50% Off. W/ Optional Shirt Combo)
Hair Rose: [chuculet] - Hairband: Rose - $0L - (Fabfree Group Gift)
Scarf: [chuculet] - Summer Scarf: Cherry Rose - $1L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Shoes: [chuculet] - Rose Flats - $? - (I cannot see these in the mainstore anymore)
Bag: S@bbia - Ribbon Straw Bag - $50L - (Color Change Ribbon)
Poses: croire

I loved making this outfit so much; the skirt from couveture is adorable and put all together, it reminds me of the 80s so much, like a pretty in pink type style.

Hair: Magika - Morning: Ginger
Hat: Magi Take - Grey-White Hat - $10L
Skin: McSkin - Luckyb201008 - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Top:M+M - All-in-One Polka Dot - $0L - (Luckyboard. Inc. Pants)
Skirt: Couverture via SL Marketplace - Vintage Flower Skirt Pink - $1L
Shoes: Ruru@Pino - Arietta Amethyst - $39L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Leggings: Awram-Viie - stocking knit pink bear - $1L
Bracelet: Fairy Tail - March Gift - $0L - (Group Gift)
Ring: Ronsem - Claddagh Ring - $0L
Pearls: Chuculet - Ina Pearl Necklace: White - $5L
Bag: Izumiya - Gamaguchi: Black Cat - $20L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Poses: croire

One more look using the polkadot all in one from M+M-- I'm a real sucker for any kind of cardigan, so I love the ones !!KKBB!! has-- I love to layer layer layer, in SL. The more I can, the better. Also don't forget to get the cute Tuli skin from TDR this week.

Hair: Magika - Morning: Charcoal
Headband: [chuculet] - Hairband: Pearl Silver - $0L - (Giftbox in Store)
Bracelet: [chuculet] - Pearl Bracelet: Noir - $1L
Ring: [chuculet] - Pearl Ring: Noir - $1L
Top:M+M - All-in-One Polka Dot - $0L - (Luckyboard. Inc. Pants)
Pants: M+M - Denim Pants Purple - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Shoes: S@bbia - Dalmation Pumps: White - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Cardie: !!KKBB!! - White Cardigan - $5L (or $8L for fatpack)
Necklace: Crystal Line - Rose Color Change Necklace - $0L - (Subscribo Gift.)
Skin: Tuli @TDR - Helena 03 Skin - $65L
Poses: Tea

Last but not least, more items from Ronsem and a overshirt from +And Count+ which I got a while ago but never featured because I've been seeing it everywhere. It just seemed to suit this look though, so much so here's a little reminder to go get it. The tank from !!KKBB!! is awesome in my opinion-- there are four colors with different designs on them to get. They actually come with their own frayed jeans, which look really good but I paired it with the shorts from izm. so that I could add the Ronsem shoes to it. The hair I nabbed from the =Feather= luckyboard, and the skin is from a new (to me) place called Sowelu the skin looks so ganguro cute, I love it! I hope you do too!

Hair: =Feather= - Estelle Light Red - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Skin: Sowelu - May Gift - $0L - (Group Gift)
Shoes: Ronsem - Slipon Check - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Top: !!KKBB!! - Glitter Rock Tank - $5L - (inc. Pants)
Overshirt: +And Count+ - Black Plaid Shirt - $0L - (Luckyboard)
Pants: .izm - Unisex Half Pants - $0L - (inc. Belt)
Bracelet: Just You - Ying Yang Black - $0L - (Fashion Freaks Hunt. Not Sure if still avail).
Socks: J House - Striped Pattern Socks: Violet - $0L
Poses: Oomph! - Party Girl for T.G.I - $50L

That's it from me. I hope you enjoyed this post-- it's a lot of outfits, huh? Though it's so much fun putting outfits together, it really takes a lot of time to do, so I hope you enjoyed this post.

See you next Friday,