Drama Llama

I hate to be a Drama Llama, I really do. But, I'm not sure. SL hasn't been kind to me lately. The thing I was going to blog, (well, part of the outfit), has been nixed again. I have enough time to blog something else, but I thought I'd explain why.

Basically, I found this boho-chic store thanks to one of the sale blogs I follow the other day. It currently has a sale on and everything is at 50L. I bought quite a few cute things from it. To be fair to the store, it has adorable stuff and the owner is very talented. I felt the store was right up my alley. I was going to blog some of it, yes.

Imagine my dismay when I realized the random trolling I received the same day-- whereby I was called a 'weeaboo' (among other things) by some guy and his lackeys, wasn't random. It was associated with my purchases at this store. I didn't even know these people. I had never even met them. But they had gotten my profile somewhere because they knew it before I came in. So I noticed the ties today between these people while trying on the things I bought-- and suddenly it all clicked into place-- the pictures of the griefer match up on the owner's profile. So, no blogging of this store. No more returning to this store. It's really disappointing that the person behind this store has such horrible friends that treat her paying customers this way.