Mad Hattess

While wandering around Harajuku Box Town I came across a $3L store: Slanted Fox! It has tons of cute stuff in there; all for $3L each! Including full outfits. I haven't got time to feature them all, but I love the shoes and cute bags! But SL is being a horrible bith to me right now; my avvie won't load, things are slow. Argh. So I can't post as much as I had originally planned if I even want to finish by today. Sorry about that guys.

Hair: WAKA & Yuki - Hair Luckyboard Item Black Only - $0L
Outfit: Slanted Fox $3L Store - Mad Hatter's Ball - $3L - (Entire Outfit!)
Skin: *Cupcakes - Mimi: Copper - $0L - (Group Luckyboard Gift. 100L to join group)
Pose: Piddle - Blue Like Nevermind -
*photo taken inside Waka & Yuki Store.

I also swung by Waka & Yuki to get the new luckyboard hair, and the skin is from Cupcakes; it's a group luckyboard gift! It's 100L to join the group, but it's so worth it. So don't forget to snag that while you're at it. Enjoy, everyone.