The D!va

It's Friday, which means it's time for my weekly update; So, around two weeks ago, I was hanging around D!va, waiting for my letter on the luckyboard and blogging the entry before last (which features one hair from D!va already), when I met the owner, Marisa Kira. She was setting up a new group gift, which very kindly gave to me immediately because she needed me to go while she set it up. She also gave me the hair from ALL the boards I was waiting for, and she was very sweet when I chatted to her. So, because my most favourite thing in this world is people who are nice I am extremely pleased to feature some D!va hair this update. I also swung by one of my favourite stores, Kuri Style, which has new (to me) cheapies out that I hadn't seen before, including some I haven't blogged.

Hair: D!va - Masami: Carrot (A Type) - $0L - (Lucky Board Limited Color)
Blouse & Hat: Kuri Style - Once Piece - $1L
Ace Of Hearts: Boof - Ace of Hearts - $0L - (Free Gatcha)
Skin: Dekade @ TDR Blue - Claire - $70L
Skirt: Petunia - Leopard Print Skirt - $1L - (Weekend Dollarbie No Longer Avail. Sorry).
Tights: Saya - Python Tights Set - $0L
Boots: Bounce - Sexy Engine Leather Grey - $200L
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

I picked up some things from Project Donate which is an event for Unicef helping flood victims in Pakistan. There are a ton of amazing things there, including this skin from Tik Tok, and umbrella from Fake. Don't forget to get that super cute Truth hair I blogged this week from Project Donate as well. Shopping for a good cause is exactly my thing!

Hair: D!va - Chieko: Pearl - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Umbrella: Fake @ Project Donate - $50L
Undershirt: Fishy Strawberry - Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - $0L
Cardigan: FIR & MNA - Trevour Cardigan: Plum - $1L - (Only @ Elliot)
Shorts: Lo*momo - Short Pants: Blue - $1L - (Includes a Black Pair)
Leggings: =Izumiya= - Leggings: Grey - $0L
Socks: Emery - Socks: Blue - $0L
Shoes: Peppermint Blue - Paws Walker - $0L - (Subscribo Gift. They are two left shoes though, if you look carefully! lol)
Bracelet: Fairy Tail @ LeLook - Leather Bracelets - $1L (Only @ LeLook. Reg $30L) - (Gatchapon)
Earrings: Fairy Tail @ LeLook - Leather Pierce - $1L (Only @ LeLook. Reg $15L)- (Gatchapon)
Skin: Tik Tok @ Project Donate - Stella 2 Medium Promo - $99L
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Lava Dust - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

So, project Themory's theme this week was 'Back To School' which inspired me to create a cute fuku like school uniform. I wanted to buy one, and I searched, but I just don't know where to look anymore. I wanted one like the ones I used to get from Sera Korea which is sadly, now gone. So I couldn't find anything else in my budget, and had to make it myself. I don't think I did too badly, considering. And I absolutely adore this skin from Mother Goose's. It's so awesome and edgy! Unfortunately the MijnT school props are no longer there, sorry about that

Hair: D!va @ Creator's Pavillion - Tomoko: Carrot - $0L - (Lucky Board)
White Shirt: Cupcakes - Collared Shirt - $10L - (Cupcakes Sale)
Coat: =Izumiya= - F Set 22 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Leoni Hurt 1 - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Necktie: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Skirt: =Izumiya= - Skirt Pink - $0L - (Freebie inc. Red Skirt)
Legwarmers: =Izumiya= - F Set 22 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Pencil & Pads: MijnT - Project Themory: Back to School - (No Longer Avail)
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - Mollies (Color Change) - $100L
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Lava Dust - $200L
Poses: Kuri Style

Lastly, I grabbed some of the awesome full sets that Izumiya is famous for-- I love Izumiya, it's so adorable. I managed to mix and match two complete outfits using them, pairing it with various cute items I've found around the grid. I love these outfits so much.

Left Outfit:
Hair: D!va - Chiharu: Topaz (Forelock) - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Scarf: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Bag: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Glasses: [kik] - Megane 02_A - $40L
Vest: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Sweater: Emery - Reno Sweater - $25L - (Includes 4 Other Colors)
Bracelet: Jill - Wooden Braclet - (Jill Has Closed Down)
Skirt:Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L -
Socks: Mother Goose's -
Shoes: duboo - flat shoes beige - $0L - (Subscribo gift. Must click on the delivery box, and select option 2)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Rika 02 - $30L
Bag: =Izumiya= - Full Set 24
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Pose: Kuri Style

Right Outfit:
Hair: D!va - Chinatsu: Black Amber A - $0L - (Group Member 6000 Gift)
Glasses: [kik] - Megane 02_B - $40L
Undershirt: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Overshirt: kuri style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Vest: =Izumiya= - F Set 24 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Bag: =Izumiya= - M Set 17 - $25L - (Set Includes A Full Outfit)
Pants:Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L -
Necklace: Love Soul - Ramen Necklace - (No Longer Avail.)
Socks: AnA - Ribbon Sock: Mint - $0L - (Lucky Board, inc. top of socks but I couldn't attach those and the prim pants)
Shoes: Kuri Style - No. 228 Flower Girl Green - $2L
Eyes: DPyumyum - Moony Classics: Black - $200L
Skin: Mother Goose's - Rika 01 - $30L
Pose:Kuri Style

Again that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed.