Cupcakes Sale and Hair Fair!

Mm, I was meant to finish this post like two days ago, but I kind of went nuts at the Cupcake Sale and Hair Fair. And now, more than 24 hours later I am a) broke and b) having to complete pics for a mammoth post that is way out of control; I know I said I wouldn't blog big sales or events, but when I checked out Cupcakes Discontinued Sale, it was decidely empty for some reason, and it looks like not a lot of people have blogged it yet (or at least they hadn't when I first started the post)! So, this is an 'extra' post (I will still be posting this friday, don't worry). So anyway. I'm going to let the pics do the talking and pretty much shut up now! Enjoy!

Dresses: Cupcakes - Black Ruffly Corset, Steel Dress, Princess Dress - $10L-$25Lea - (On Sale)
Skin: Cupcakes - Fantasy (Whisper) Includes Ears - $100L - (Moving/Discontinued Sale)
Hair TRUTH @ Project Donate - Aloha Fatpack - $500L - (For A Good Cause)
Poses: Black Dress: Olive Juice, White Dress, Grey Dress: Glitterati

Shoes: HOC - Sneaker Wedges - $30L - (Color Changeable)
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Hair Fair - 2010 Goodie Box - $0L - (Color Changeable)
Top & Pants + Vest: Cupcakes - Zebra - $10L - (Includes 3 Shirts)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure (Vertical) - $100L - (Discontinued Line Sale)
Belt: MALT - Scooter Jeans Scarf - (Not sure if still avail. Past group gift)
Bracelet: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Leggings: GATO - Leggings (Grass) - $0L
Poses:dfo! - @ Designer's United 4 -

Hair LoQ Hairs - Pure Beauty (Ash Black) - $ - (@ Designers United 4)
Top: Cupcakes - Leopard Vneck - $10L - (On Sale)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Black Poofy Skirt - $10L - (On Sale)
Bracelet: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Earrings: Fairytail - Leather Bracelet - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure (Copper) - $100L - (Moving/Discontinued Sale)
Shoes: Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy) - Steel Toed Ankle Granny Boots (Gears of Time) -
Poses: Izumiya

Hair: ATOMIC @ HairFair - Sweet Sugar (Coffee) - $800L (for fat pack)
Skin: Cupcakes - Cameo 'Marine' - $100L - (On Sale)
Shoes: Ryouta Works - Wedge Sandal - (Old Freebie)
Top: Cupcakes - Ruffled Rose Top - $25L - (On Sale)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Cutsey Floral Pink - $25L - (On Sale)
Bag: Copain Group - Summer Bag - $0L - (Must be a group member. $300L entry fee)
Poses: [LAP]

Hair: Clawtooth @ Hair Fair - French Connection - Captivating Brunettes Pack - $275L
Shirt/Dress: Cupcakes - Loppy Dress Red - $0L - (Midnight Mania. It is a dress technically)
Skirt: Cupcakes - Cutsey Floral Pink - $25L - (On Sale)
Bag: Kawaii Jelly - Boom Box Bag - (Old Freebie)
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure: Mocha (Bare) - $100L - (On Sale)
Shoes: [NS]
Poses: Leafy

Dress: Cupcakes - Angie Dress, Striped Dress, Green Lacy Glitter - $10-25L ea - (On Sale)
Hair: Kin @ Hairfair - Harriet: Brown, Blonde, Black - $100L ea/$800L fp -
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure: Lace (Mauve Frek) - $100L - (On Sale)
Poses: Fumi Pose

Hair: Kin @ Hairfair - Elsa (Orange, Cherry, Black, Sand) - $100L ea / $800L fp - (Hair Fair Exclusive)
Dresses: Cupcakes - Beaded Dress (Off White, Green, Hot Pink, Purple) - $10L each - (On Sale)
Skin: Cupcakes - Fantasy (Masked) - $100L - (Discontinued Line Sale)
Shoes: Miel - Mole Shoe - (Not Free)
Poses: Elisa Poses For Friends - (Don't think it's around anymore. )

Pants: Cupcakes - Various Pants - $10L each - (On Sale)
Tops: Cupcakes - Dotted Tops - $10L each - (On Sale)
Skins: Cupcakes - Allure: Lace (Rave), Genius: Sugar (Haze), Seduction 2.0: Champagne (Moonlight Frek), Daydream: Cameo (Darkness) - $100L each - (On Sale)
Hair on Red Pants: Beetlebones @ Hairfair - Shaggy: Platinum Blonde - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on Purple Pants: Uncleweb @ Hair Fair - Denis Hair Small - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on Blue Pants: LALAmoon @ Hairfair - Pegasus: Ash Silver - (Hairfair Freebie)
Hair on White Pants: Nodoka @ Hairfair - Ai: Brown - $50L -
Sneakers: HOC - Velcro Sneakers - $50L -
Poses: [LAP]

Phew. That took forever... I keep biting off more than I can chew. But I looove taking pics. Anyway I really hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love,