Little China Girl

Well, I promised to blog today, because I have another day off, and I've been slacking off all day watching the Emerald Viewer Scandal unfold before my eyes, so I'm sorry that it took me so long to blog! I'm up late doing it juuuust for you guys! See how much I love you?

So, today, all the clothing featured comes from a store I stumbled upon one day; Lika Ruby. I was visiting Mikan for their hair, and Lika Ruby is the immediate neighbor of Mikan in Korombei-- I had never come across it before, and it's a delight! Totally worth visiting. Named after it's creator, everything at Lika Ruby has a slight asian flavor; reminiscent of China. The best thing is that there are a ton of freebies! So, first up is the Kunfu I picked up at the Creator's Pavillion store -- there is also a version for guys, so check it out! The rest of the stuff is at their main store. Interestingly, it kinda co-incided with me picking up the gorgeous Amaterasu skin that Pink Fuel has released exclusively for The Circle Project -- I love this skin so much that I even bought it in cocoa-- usually I only buy light tones for Dunneh, but it looked so awesome in dark tones that I just had to have it! And again, by co-incidence, the hair I picked up at Mikan totally suited. It's kinda funny how outfits just fall together sometimes. Anyway enough of my babbling, onto the pics and slurls!

Hair: Mikan - Melmo Black 02 - $1L -
Outfit: Lika Ruby @ CP - Kunfu - $0L - (Opening gift at CP)
Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Amaterasu Skin (Cream) - $150L - (Circle Project exclusive)
Pose:Sadistic Hacker - Katana Pose - $0L

Next up, I hae more hair and tons of free/cheapie skins I managed to nab, as well as three really cute Qi Pao's from Lika Ruby-- be aware, all of them come with a choice of skirt length, mini or knee length. The diamond pattern one includes a shirt. Now the hair: I came across a store called D!va yesterday that I had never heard of and when I visited the mainstore today, I met the owner. She is super, super nice! Ahh! She is so sweet, I can't get over it. She set me up with lots of hair which I will be blogging next time-- right now I'm only blogging the one I had picked up yesterday as I had taken the pics for this entry before meeting her. But look out for the other hairs next entry! After that, I hit the luckyboard at Mikan and Kik-- again, it's kinda funny how the things I pick up just seem to suit what I'm going to wear. Lastly, don't forget to pick up the adorable skin that !Imabee has out at the Circle Project for only $50L! Bargain! It's totally worth getting, not only is it amazing, the owner, Brendan Papp, is nice and funny. Lastly, don't forget to pick up Romi Skin's new group gift-- it's free for members or you can wait for a luckyboard. The group has a join fee. Lastly, and importantly, I am offering closeups on my flickr for all the skins I featured (except I forgot to do the Mother Goose one)!

Hair: D!va - Haruka (Black Amber) - $0L - (Join Group, Touch Board; Limited Group Gift. Incl two versions)
Skin: !Imabee - Petal (Red Brow) - $50L - (The Circle Project Exclusive)
Shoes MijnT - Potato Shoes (Mint) - ? - (Gatchapon, Not Free, Previously Blogged)
Dress Lika Ruby - China Dress LC Green - $0L - (Lucky Board)

Hair:Mikan - Momo (Espresso) - $0L - (Lucky Board. Includes 2 versions)
Dress: Lika Ruby - China Dress - $0L - (Group Gift. Touch board)
Skin: Romi Skin - 2010 Gift Skin 5 - $0L - (Free on luckyboard, or join group for 100L to pick it up immediately)
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - (Not Free. Old)

Dress: Lika Ruby - 1st Anniversary Gift - $0l - (Group Gift)
Hair: Kik - Kate 03 Black - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Lewrence 2B - $0L -
Shoes 50 Flats by Ding Fortherington - (Old Freebie. Not sure what is up with 50 Flats now. =\ We miss you Ding and Vent!)

**all poses are all by ./Tea - Circle Project Exclusive - $100L

That's it from me, it's 4am and I'm aching. Ahh. I hope you enjoyed.