Oldie But Goodie ♥

I'm participating in the 'Oldie But Goodie' blogging theme that Alysha Rennahan has put up through plurk, and it was a bit of a challenge finding things old enough-- most pre-2008 stuff I've thrown away! But I did find my very first 'good' skin-- 'Scarlet Vanilla' aquired in 2006! I have no idea where or how I got it and the creator says 'newbie_template Linden' But, I'm sure it was never part of the original avatars, as far as I know-- it's not in my library in any case. It's quite featureless by today's standards, but for 2006, it was the prettiest skin I owned. Everything beneath the face is barbie like though. x3 Oh! Remember the one full perm CS skin floating around with the freckles? That one never suited me though, but I rember getting it and giving it to like all my alts!

So, this is one of my first freebie outfits ever-- the hair especially was my first fave hair-- I absolutely adored it and refused to take it off. It was also my first indication that freebies could be as good as the full price stuff-- and that I didn't look any good with the neon pink stilettos with massive bling. Hoo boy. I cringe when I think about how I and other people used to look in SL, and am surprised when I STILL continue to see some people looking slightly that way! There's no excuse now! Ahh! But it's kind of amazing, all these items are 2008 and they still hold up pretty well. I still adore the cardigan from [42] and I still wear it! It goes with everything!

*keep in mind none of these items may be available anymore, even though the creators are still around!
Hair: Uw.St
Cardigan [42] - Grey Cardigan -
Dress: ICING - Night Mist
Shoes: TRUTH - Balmoral Pumps -
Eyes: Mai Bodyshop
Skin: - Scarlett Vanilla -
Pose: 1 & 2 - ++Desire++
Pose: 3 - Olive Juice

This second outfit is from around 2006-2007 (except the shoes and I think skin) and is comprised of the first things I ever bought in game, ever! Yes, really. This was the first items I ever purchased! The first thing I ever bought was the Kin hair, even before I had a proper outfit! I still love this hair, and I feel the quality of it stands the test of time. Next, the dress was the very first item of clothing I paid for from *tweet* which sadly seems to be defunct now. . I like to think I made good choices as I feel the quality of them are still really relevant today. I remember coveting all their outfits! I felt *tweet* was one of the first creators to bring something different to the table, namely asian fusion fashion that is now so prevalent in SL. At the time, the 'norm' for fashion, was well... whore wear! Ahh! (In some sims, it still is! ) And the UBU shoes, well Gabi blogged them first-- but that reminded me, those UBU shoes were the first pair of shoes I ever bought in game, and the most expensive item I had ever bought at the time! Of course since then I've dropped money quicker than I can earn it!

Skin: Ti'ko
Outfit: *tweet*
Shoes:: Urban Bomb Unit
Leggings: Punch Drunk
Hair: Kin
Poses: Olive Juice - $0L - Hide & Seek Hunt - (on now!)

Well that's it from me, I hoped you liked my delve into memory lane!