Cute, Cuter, Cutest!

I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in a while; I have had tons of things to blog but work picked up over the weekend. So! Lots of things to nab this week; first off is this great group gift skin from Ami Style-- there are two styles of skins, and two body shapes in the pack! I don't usually preview shapes in the blog, but they were super cute also. Also, a dropped by a store called Beetlebones which had a ton of freebies in the store, really cute ones too. I especially LOVE the blazer! Also, I found a new (to me) store in my travels called ][AWRAM-VIE][-- it has some super super cute dollarbies on the wall as you enter, including two luckyboards-- the store is super cute too. A new fave for me! Also I have been lazy and gone to a photo studio to take these pics. =X

Dress: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Dress Mesh Pink - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Hair: Eha (@ Creator's Pavillion Sale) - Wakana Hair Fatpack - $150L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Shoes: Beetlebones - BB Sarang Flats - $50L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skin: Ami Style - Malika Natural 01 - $0L - (NB: Skin is Lashless. Group Gift. Join Group)
Poses: AnA

So, more ][AWRAM-VIIE][ and Beetlebones, I love this outfit. This includes a top I got from SOMAPOP at the Creator's Pavillion sale. Also, most of my poses are from the two $10L packs that AnA has up for $10L!

Layered Top: SOMAPOP - hemd grey - $12L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Blazer: Beetlebones - BB sculpted pumps - $50L - (Gatchapon Random Chance)
Skirt: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Skirt Beige Lace - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Leggings: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ - Pant Sweat Grey - $1L - (On left wall as you enter)
Skin: Ami Style - Malika Natural 02 - $0L - (NB: Skin is Lashless. Group Gift. Join Group)
Hair: Eha (@ Creator's Pavillion Sale) - Wakana Hair Fatpack - $150L - (Creator's Pavillion Sale)
Necklace: Whippet & Buck - Love is A Deserter Necklace - $75L - (From Hair Fair Gatcha. No Longer Avail?)
Shoes Beetlebones - BB Black Pumps - $1L -

Lastly, some cute things I've found around; I haven't seen this hair from LOVE SOUL mentioned at the time I got it last week, but it might be old news by now. I love it; it's super cute but it took me forever and a day to get at the Lucky Chair. Totes worth it though! And in looking for something to match it I came across the pants, and hoodie. Totally urban, me. The skin is from PINK FUEL which I bit the bullet and finally bought, even though those griefers made me feel guilty for wanting it. I love it, and am so happy I got it. If only I wasn't so broke, I'd buy more PF skins as I adore them and they really suit Dunneh's face. Ahh! I need more cash!

Hair: LOVE SOUL - Watermelon Hair - $0l - (Lucky Chair)
Skin & Stickers: [PINK FUEL] - Ganguro Skin - $400L
Hoodie: =VIS= - Black Parker - $0L - (KDC Group Gift)
Pants: =VIS= - Sportswear Pant BrownxYellow - $0L - (KDC Lucky Board)
Shoes: Amaama - Sneaker - $0L - (Lucky Board)
Leggings: Milk Motion - My Cutout Leggings Red - $0L - (Subscribo Gift)
Necklace & Earrings Beetlebones - Starfish Set - $1L
Bracelets GATO - Malibu Bracelets - $15L - (Gatchapon)

Before I go-- a semi-announcement. While it's been the stance of this blog for a long time, I've decided to refocus my blogging efforts and go back to try to only blog uncommons. Which means no BIG sales, no common freebies (if that's possible?), less fairs, less weekly discounts such as FLF, and NO hunts! Yes, really. This isn't to say I won't blog certain things that have been picked up in a hunt, or at a fair or at FLF, -- after all I try to blog things I like and have recently picked up so that you all have a chance to get them too-- but the common items won't be the focus of my entry. I'm still going to do hunts, go to fairs, and check out weekly discounts-- and I will still wear what I like from them, but the items won't be the main feature of my entry, just an addenum or a reminder to pick up the item. I'll always try to feature something you haven't seen at least a dozen times before. I can't promise anything, but I will try my hardest. My reasoning for this is that there are enough bloggers covering big sales, (like TRUTH's for example), and big hunts (such as the Platinum Hunt) as well as big events like Shoe Fair and Hair Fair. Do you really want to see the same item reblogged a thousand million times, in a hundred different ways? And even if you do, do you really want to come to MY crappy blog to see the same hair you've already seen on SL's Fashion Feed? I didn't think so. So, I'm going to go back to basics and find sales and freebies and bargains the old fashioned way-- exploring. Likewise, all the things I blog, I will have found on my own (unless specified otherwise; I will credit if my source is another blog). At least this way you can come to NAF and see something new, hopefully! I mean, there's always a chance someone gets to it before me, we may have discovered the store at a similar time, or it may be an old item I've missed-- after all I've been MIA a year and I really don't check FF and FS every day. So please forgive me if this happens. I'm trying not to do that, and you have my word that I'm actually going out there and finding these places myself though. Lastly, my twitter will still mention stores (any stores, big small, etc) that are having sales so you can check them out-- so please continue to give me tips regarding sales, events and fairs, and I will put them up.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed it!