Strawberry Fields Forever!

I'm sick! I don't know what happened to me after I posted last night, but I got a stabbing sore throat, and in 24 hours I am now one of the congested. Ugh. I've got a fever already, and am not a happy camper. Luckily I had planned out what I wanted to update with in advance, so you lucky people get lovely lovely pics! See how much I love yoos? Mwah! Oh wait, Dunneh germs, sorry.

So day two of my favourite Bunny Hop items is themed around strawberries! Mm! I'm a big fan of strawberries, both in SL and in RL and I love cute things like this. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to elaborate, so I'm just going to make the pretty pics... something something.

Dress: Sweet Strawberry- *:SS:* 013 red patch op - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: !Mingo! - Strawberry Hat - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: *Leafy - 'Hang' - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

Skin: Rosy Mood - RM* skin KYOKO exclusive - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Eyes: [MJ+DADA] - Bunny Hop Eyes - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Cake: =Feather= - =F=Easter Cake - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

So that's it from me. I hope to post tomorrow, if I feel up to it. Thank you to all my return readers. Mwah! *air kisses!*