Little Red Riding... Bunny?

I'm bored! Mega mega bored! Being sick on a hot day kinda drains the life out of you. I don't know what to do with myself, and I can't be bothered hunting any more. Theres a dozen hunts on at the moment and too many for me to do. Bla bla bla. So another post featuring Bunny Hop items you may have missed. I know, I know. When it rains it pours and all that, dah dah dah~

Dress: Elsie & Seshil - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Basket: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Leggings: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Ears: Ripped - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Eyes: *sakurako* - Sky-Eyes (cobalt blue) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Skin: MJ+DADA - MJD*2-02 Kriemhild m4-02 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: Juicy - Allure 2 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: LALAmoon - Airwave Small (blonde light) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

That's it. Unforutnately, I'm too drained to do much else right now.