Frolicking Through The Meadow

Hello! Yet another post on Bunny Hop Items You May Have Missed (But Probably Haven't)! For the time impaired-- hopefully between my blog and the others, you should have a good idea of what you might like to grab before the hunt is over. (The 14th I think).

Another cute maid picture with an abundance of flowers, It's starting to become a habit for me. I suppose it's a good thing, because I don't really see a lot of blogs with a cutesy sweet lolita angle like mine. Although, my sense of style is all over the place, really! Anyway, the pic doesn't do the dress from Zephi's Shop justice. I had never heard of this place before, but it's firmly in my favourites now-- it's really great quality. That's what I loved about this hunt! I had such a ball and I found so many new places I didn't know of, and joined many many subscribos (my groups are a bit maxed out). It was super fun, and my BH posts are winding down now. I might have another quick squiz through my folders and see if theres anything other bloggers overlooked...

Please note; I found My Ugly Dorothy's skin thanks to Sileny's post on *Freestyle.

Dress: Zephi's Shop - Maid Lace Dress (pink) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Pose: Mela's - Mela's Cute 02 - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Location: JET's meadow

A closeup, below. The skin's detail from My Ugly Dorothyis so cute!

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - group gift skin 01 - $0L - (Join group. Get gift).
Eyes: *sakurako* - Sky-Eyes (aurora) - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)
Hair: Hal Hina - [corn blond] hair priscilla - $0L - (Bunny Hop Gift)

Still not feeling one hundred percent; so off to rest today! Byeness!