Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! For the month of April, you can get an avatar version of Piggy Bun Bun by [Pink Fuel] complete with bunny costume! But the best part is that it's only $30L! The bunny costume version is only available for April, so don't forget to get it now!

Avatar: [Pink Fuel] - [PF] Piggy Avatar - $30L - (Bunny suit inc. for month of April only)
Flowers: Yome Shoujo - *YURAYURA* - $180L -

That reminds me-- funny story that I forgot to mention in my Bunny Avatar entry. I was wearing my white [Pink Fuel] bunny avatar the other day. I tp'd into a Japanese store, where a girl and boy couple were deep in discussion. As I browsed the shop's wares, I noticed that they were chatting quite animatedly about something-or-other. Seeing as I couldn't understand them, (they were chatting in Japanese) and assuming they weren't talking to me, I wandered into a side room to look at more stuff. As I did, I noticed one of them come behind me. So I scooted to the left. They scooted to the left. So I waddled into the other room again. They walked up behind me. I turned on my little bunny heel, and bolted into the room I came from. The chase was on! The pair followed suit, running up behind me. I turned tentatively, fear in my eyes as they cornered me in the store. "Why are you following me? ^^;" I cried, esasperated, my little heart racing. "Did I do something wrong?"
A pause.
"w.w You're not Japanese ?" The boy said.
"No. Sorry. I don't understand." I scratched my little head.
"We follow you," he said, "Because you are so cute! ^.^!"
"Oh" I laughed, "Is that all! What a relief. I was scared. o.o"

They went back to their chatting, and me to my browsing, and as I left I waved my bunny paw and said "Goodbye! Goodbye my new big-friends!"

True story! Hug a Bunny/Piggy Bunny Avatar today! Happy Easter/Springtime Equinox/Whatever Everybody!