My Friend, Harold, Has Some Good Stuff...

*wink wink* ... if you know what I mean.

I love the Bunny Hop, but most of the great stuff has been blogged by other freebie blogs, so I've been trying to focus on the things I don't remember seeing as much. So a leetle break from BH items today. I've been meaning to blog this for ages now! I happened across an little alcove in the new Starlust sim, Harold, with a bunch of freebies and dollarbies! There are a ton of cute things by various famous and talented designers there. Unfortunately, it was difficult to match the items together, because they're all so different! So I'm just going to feature a few bits and pieces.

Secondly, Magika has a new group gift out! It's for this awesome egg-head hair, that has a teeny little nest-bun with teeny eggs in it! It's really cute! Also, Magika Fashion is having a $10L sale on some old stock, so check it out! I'm also featuring the insanely pretty free skin from Beauty Avatar which seems to be doing the rounds on like every blog right now. =P

Skirt: Anuenue - "anuenue.SistersLongSkirt@Harold - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Hair: Magika - egg Head - $0L - (Check Group Notices).
Skin: Beauty Avatar Couture - Alyssa Skin Gift - $1L -
Sandals: Peppermint Blue - Past Freebie
Shirt: Ivalde - Folk Dress Undershirt - Past Freebie

Hat: SWNN - Unisex Cappy Cap Black - $0L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Scarf: Thimbles - Soon Scarf Flexi - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Shoes: SWNN - OldSchooler(MetalLove) - $0L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Ring: *Salsa!* 8-ball ring - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)
Hair: White Well - 001 - $10L - (Lots of 10L hair & two lucky boards too!)
Boxers: Boycut - beauty group freebie - $0L - (Join 'I (heart) Starlust' group, check notices)
Belt: Magika Fashion - 8 Ball Belt - $10L - (Discounted Price)
Stockings: *+*Jill*+* - stockings FN black - $0L - (left hand side wall near entrance)
Bracelet: *+*Jill*+* - Bracelet L1S2-L - $0L - (left hand side wall near entrance)
Shirt: Gbberish - Hippie Top (Dove) - $0L - (Part of Albero Hunt)
Skin: [Rockberry] - Eva A Natural FR - $1250L - (Not free, but winnable if you add RockBerry to your picks and enter the competition!)
Eyes: =HooT= - Fairytale Eyes(Little Red) Br - $1L - (Harold Freebie Area)

You can't see them, but the cute eyes by =Hoot= have a little fairytale pic inside. Unfortunately, the zoom didn't want to work properly for me today. Not only that, I met Melatonin Hax when I dropped by there a few weeks ago and she said she liked my nose shape! Hee! So don't forget to pick up the doll liknesses of Melatonin, Garbage Prototype and (I think) Guerrilla Gobo! Very cyoot and good to cuddle! Or, you coud potentially use them as voodoo dolls if you're malicious like that, and depending on what side you're taking in the Starlust Unicorn War of 2009.

Well, still feeling so, better get going! *air kiss!*