Vpose Luuuuurve!

Okay so Ding and Vent are now my two favourite people in Second Life EVAR! I tp'd over to Ding's temporary location, where she has set up some of her poses and most of her new flats! Yep! She told me she is frustrated with the fact that cute flats are hard to come by or expensive, so she's decided to remedy that. For now, she is even offering three styles for free. Get them here. Be aware that this location is temporary, and that they will be moving soon. Anyways, *SQUEE* -- flats! Ding was there when I scrambled over, and she is the sweetest person ever, not to mention she has the cutest avvie! She even gave me (and I think the other girls in there) an extra pair of flats-- blue argyle! Therefore, because I bribe easily, and because they are the nicest people I have ever met in the enter world ever ever EVAR, (!) this post is going to be all about VPoses luuuurve! I decided to showcase each pair of flats with a matching outfit. So without delay... here goes.

Tank: - AyYaiYai - Bad Kitty Tank (White) - Past hunt dollarbie.
Flats: - VPoses - Smiley Flats - $0L
Shirt - Aoharu - $0L - (In their landmark giver, at Crush Row location)
Pants: - Katat0nik - Pink 'Love Butt' Pants - Group Only Freebie -
Necklace: - Violet Voltaire - SweetHeart Necklace: Stupid Cupid - $1L
Earrings: - Violet Voltaire - SweetHeart Earrings: Stupid Cupid - $1L - (Worn, but can't really see) -
Undershirt - Punch Drunk - Green Tank - From a box of freebies in their Crush Row store if I remember correctly.
Skin: - []::Tuli::[] - Post Party Meredith - $0L

Flats: - - VPoses (Temp Store)- Argyle Flats - $0L - (Ding gave me a free pair! So if you ask nicely, she might give you some too!)
Pose: - VPoses - FF #1 - (Temporary freebie, get it while you can!)
Scarf: - AyYaiYai - Cozy Nights Scarf - $180L - (but totes worth it, finally, a scarf that doesn't go THROUGH my bewbs!!)
Cardi:- [42] - 1115 Cardigan Grey - $42L
Shirt:- SD Wears - Knitted Sweater Grey - $1L
Hair: - Shop Seu - Sexy Hair (Brown) - $170L
Skin: - LeLutka - past freebie
Tote: - Sweetest Good-bye Tote Bag - $0L

Flats: - - VPoses (Temp Store)- Green Block Flats - $0L
Pose: - VPoses - FF #1 - (Temporary freebie, get it while you can!)
Top: - EatRice! - Buddha Top - Previous Freebie
Skirt - *FishyStrawberry - Corduroy Skirt - Past Freebie
Hair: - Hal*Hina -
Skin: - Lazolli - Past Freebie, full price now.

Skirt: - Cupcakes - Dotted Dress - Freebie Wall Freebie -
Necklace: - Violet Voltaire - Doll Key Set - Past Freebie
Hair - Aden - 'Lara' Hair - past group gift.
Skin - Lazolli - Current Store Gift
Pose: - C'est La Vie - I'm pretty sure it was this one. I can't remember which one, as I just closed my client, but it was another generous freebie. xD

PHEW. That took me FOR EVAR. I actually started this post two days ago but the photos took the longest part. Sadly, I had to delete my ini files and it reset my graphics settings, so didn't notice I wasn't shooting in high res! AHHHH! Oh well... oh and I forgot anti-aliasing too. ~.~

Anyways, I'm very partial to the multi-colured flats. Aren't they cuute? Furthermore, I talked to Vent the other night at VPoses Starlust Location when I was doing the (often frustrating) Starlust hunt, and apart from being as sweet as Ding, he is even gorgier than in person than on his blog-- *swoon* ! But don't tell him I said that! Let's keep it on the down low, okay?

Thank you to Ding and Vent for making me one happy chicky. I hope I didn't weird you out too much... I have that effect on people. :D Anyway SLURLs are coming soon, as well as more item details. I forgot to mention hairs, and blah. So out of it... and I forgot to save my outfits so I forgot the exact names of everthing.

Ah well I'm outies... Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day to all!