Valentine's Day Aftermath!

Happy Valentine's Day Aftermath, Everybody! I hope you weren't all rejected like poor Dunneh!

HUD:- RC - 'Emo Day' Vday Hud - Kissed Hunt Freebie!
Valentine: - RC- 'Valentine' Freebie

So I'm still recovering after Violet Voltaire's awesome party last night!

Was that fun or what? I'm so glad I came. It was my first one of the year. It was great to meet everybody and make new friends. And it was great to find kindred souls--warped like me! Bwahahaha! I was windowed and on low graphics, so the pics didn't come out great, which is a shame, but some highlights from the night were: Vivi's drunken AO (EW), the avvie contest, A plastered singing bunneh boy, sexy moves by my dancing buddy ChaCha (!), and heckling by me. XD It was great! Oh and let's not forget the DJ-- great music and an adorable voice-- but he's taken, girls. If Vi has another party, you should come down. Tons of great designers poked their heads in so it was a good chance to suck up meet them!

Woo! Partay!

My next post is going to be pic intensive so I figured I would seperate them. See you soon! I'm working on it now! Byeeee~