Rahz, Little Heaven

I ammended my bottom post with a list of vendors who have charity items out-- so check it out and buy something today. Let me just say that I am flabbergasted at the number of people offering items. What a lovely response from Second Life creators, designers, and consumers. It makes me very glad to be an SL citizen. I haven't had an opportunity to check them all out, yet, but I will-- and I hope to get some more items soon.

Something I did have time to check out the other day; Rahz Store is having a sale! From now until Feb 21st, everything in the store is only 10L! Wow! Bargains galore! Rahz has some very nice stuff, don't forget to check the top floor! Be aware that the items are no copy, though, but they are transfer! I bought bought bought, and anything that didn't suit me, I gave away!

Onto Little Heaven! Somehow, I haven't seen this hair featured very often on blogs yet, and I don't know why! It's faboo! I luurve it! I'm not a big fan of the big fuzzy type of hair but LH outdid themselves with this one. Pick it up from a camp chair in the hair area.

Hair:- Little Heaven -Valentine's Day Hair - 0L (camp chair in hair area)
Skin: - Belleza - (old freebie)
Top: - Rahz -Suhan Blouse 2 - 10L (sale price!)
Pants & Shoes:- Little Heaven -Miko Shrine Maiden - 0L (freebie dumpster)

Back on to Rahz! I almost forgot, I got a couple of other sets while I was there, too. Most of these were on the top floor, which I almost missed! Don't forget to wander up there!

Hair: - Little Heaven - Camp Chair Hair - 0L
Pants, Suspenders, Boots, Hat: - Rahz - Neko Set - 10L (includes black printed shirt, not pictured)
Top: - Rahz - Sequined Top - 10L (sale price)
Undershirt: - Tweet - Chie Appled

Thats it for now! Phew! Blogging is hard work!