Icecream On Mah Head!

So, Sanu is awesome right? Right. And as usual, she just lavishes the freebies on us. Her fridge died, (RIP Sanu's fridge), and so she's released another melty icecream group gift to commemerate this occasion! This time it's yummy choccy icecream, yay! Furthermore, we get lovely sun earrings because Sanu got hot walking in the sun the other day! Yay! (Well, kind of yay. Yay for the earrings, not that she got hot.) Best of all, the group fee is gone... Sanu has a new system whereby she closes the group when there's special freebies out. Don't despair though, anybody can invite people into the group! So if you want an icecream on your head, you can let me know, and I'll invite you into Sanu's group! I recommend you stay there and not freebie hop because Sanu is extremely generous and it's totally worth being in her group.

Icecream on Mah Head: - Sanu - *Sanu's members icecream (Chocolate - $0L - (group gift)
Earrings: Sanu - Midday Sun - $0L - (group gift)
Ring: - Copain Group [Love Soul] - Smiley Flower Ring - $0L - (group gift, 200L joining fee)

That's not all the great news though. Copain group has opened again! For those who don't know, Copain is an update group for not one store, but four: LoveSoul, JUNwave, Cassis Rose, and PRAY. Now is a great time to join because they tend to close the group down when they have really, really great group gifts. The only thing is that Copain has a joining fee. And it's big-- 200L, though I think it's worth it if you like the cute stylings of the four stores involved. I'm actually drained of money thanks to this group, now. So this months group gift entails the smiley ring you see above, on my hand. It also contains orange prim nails, and smiley flower earrings (not shown). Very cute.

Back to Sanu! She just released a gummi monocle and choker set, on her lucky chair. I'd show it on me, but my letter got snatched while I was blogging this... oh well. Down low too slow and all that!

Choker & Monocole Set: - Sanu - 4 monocle styles and 1 choker style randomly offered on lucky chair -

Lastly, my first reader tip! Thank you for the tip, Nem! Thanks to you, I might blog another freebie before anyone else does again. So, Nem pointed me to So Many Styles -- check it out, the store is great! If you join the group, you can get two group gifts. The first is a cute red babydoll dress. That one didn't suit me (babydolls kinda make chubby ole me look even chubbier), but the blouse-- oh gosh, this blouse! It's SO prettyful! I eet!

Blouse: - { So Many Styles } - Beige Blouse - $0L - (group gift, join group!)

I'm pooped. Blogging is harder than you know. xD