I forgot a title, dah dah dah~

Hello fearless readers! (All two of you!) Dunneh here, with another awesome post! Okay, so I officially have a crush on Ding Fotherington and I don't care if it's wrong, cuz it feels so right! Dah dah dah~ ♪

Erm, okay... So anyway, onto the goodies. First off, I haven't seen this blogged often (or at all), which is weird, because it's an amazing set. It's a Newbie Assistance Pack-- and is one of three newbie packs Peppermint Blue has out. Two for girls, and one for boys. One has an amazing hoodie, and the other is a cute babydoll set (not blogged). You actually get an entire avatar-- including skins and shapes (not shown)-- yes, even the handbags! The only thing you don't get is the hair in the pictures (my pics or their pics). And keep in mind, I'm not wearing the skins boxed in with the Peppermint Blue set, though. Don't miss out! Peppermint Blue is notorious for having short freebie periods! Go now now now now nao!

Clothing (Entire Set): - Peppermint Blue - Newbie Assistance Pack MU#0 - $0L - (Not shown: Skin, Hair, Shoes)
Skin: - Beauty Avatar -
Flats: - 50Flats - Random Chance Cherry Flats - $35L - (1 in 4 chance of getting these!)
Hair: - Kin - Mika - 100L

So 50Flats has made some new flowered flats available at their (temporary loc) 50Flats store. They also set up a Gatchapon machine! I love Gatchapons, especially when the prizes are as good as this one, and I was squeeing with delight when I got the pair I really wanted, the Cherry Flats! I love them to bits, and $35L is more than reasonable for them in my opinion. It took a bit of time, (and Ding's help) for me to get them on though! Stupidly, when the touch script bugged out, I didn't even think to right-click open it to get my flats out. ~.~ Anyways, thank you Ding for being patient with me. I really appreciate it!

Everyone has to get this cute skin from Beauty Avatar -- I know it's been blogged all over the place, but it's really amazing. Here's a close up of the face, and also, the ring and bracelet that you see in the pic are also part of that Peppermint Blue hoodie set I blogged above. Now you see how amazing it is!?

Skin: - Beauty Avatar - $0L

Back to my new crushes, 50Flats -- they have another pair of freebie flats out that I have been meaning to blog for a few days.They're pink! And have ribbons! And yet, I barely had a chance to think about blogging them when Ding released some more great items for her store!

Flats: - 50Flats - Pink Weave - $0L -

Well, that's it. It's 4am here and I'm pooped.
-- Dunneh.