Welcome to NAF!

Welcome to 'Not Another Fashion Blog' -- NAF for short! This is another one of the multitude of fashion blogs dealing in the world of Second Life. It was originally planned to be a bargain-hunt blog full of freebies but I nixed that for two reasons; firstly, I haven't actually got the time to hunt bargains for myself-- I rely on freebie blogs to do that for me, and secondly, I want to feature things that freebie blogs don't-- namely pay-for stuff, including what bargains are going: sales, offers, events, etc.

Introductions can wait, though. It's with great sadness that my first post goes out, as, being Australian, the inescapable horror of the bush-fires in Northern Victoria have been gracing our TV screens non stop. My heart goes out to the hurt and homeless, and my condolences to those who have lost loved ones. My faith in humanity has plummeted knowing that the fires are suspected arson.

However, my heart was gladdened this morning when I saw that two of my favourite SL designers, Evie's Closet and Lazy Places, were offering charity pieces of their clothing and shoes, with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross. I didn't need to be told twice! I've been eyeing the booties for a while, and I just needed an excuse to get some-- and this is the best reason of all, in my opinion. A heartfelt thank you to Evie and Lazy Places, for offering their items. Dunneh isn't really a gown person, though, but the gown is stunning, and definitely deserves to be featured for those interested. 100% of the proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross

Gown: 'Honor' by -- Evie's Closet -- $L 500 -- all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross

Secondly, our friends at Lazy Places have put out their most popular boots for the same cause. There are two styles of each, white with red trim/buckles etc, (not pictured) and white with teeny red-heart dangles (pictured).

Booties: 'Myth Boots Gryphon Victoria Bushfire Relief White' by - Lazy Places -- $L 400 -- all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross
Dress: 'Pink Dorothy' by -- Katat0nik: Magic of Oz Loc Only! -- $L 350 -- - NOT a charity outfit, but worth mentioning as it is a bargain at 50% off until Valentine's Day.

As I was writing this post, I got another few annoucements regarding charity items designers are putting on sale, with the proceeds heading towards the Red Cross. This warms my heart. I haven't got time to feature them yet with pictures-- (this post took most of my day), but I will mention them:

Firstly-- LAP -- has a cloud pose prop with a rainbow and various animations (I couldn't find it to try it yet, but Dove says there's a demo version on a platform in the air)- $L500

And secondly-- TRUTH -- is offering a limited edition charity hairstyle with individual colors at $L300 and the fatpack at $L1500.

Lastly, if you wish to simply donate, without buying a featured charity item, you're free to do so-- all the places mentioned above also have donation boards set up for the purpose of donating as little or as much as you want. Secondly, I hear the users Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck have set up an avatar specifically to manage the charity donations, called; 'Victoria Farshore' -- Of course, there is always the Australian Red Cross website if you wish to donate online directly to the source, or alternatively, The Salvation Army Australia who also do good work here in Australia.

Before I go, let us not forget our friends in Queensland who have been hit hard by flooding, and many of them are in dire situations as well.

Dig deep my friends <3~>

EDIT: Kota's Knickers has a complete list that she has been updating with creators and designers who are offering charity items. Check it out!