Everybody loves cupcakes... and Sanu!

And those that don't get beaten up by me. So last night, (well, 9am SL time) there was a party at Sanu! It was lots of fun, but it was an impromptu party and didn't last long on account of Sanu being up very late. It was great though! Now I'm admittedly biased, but I love Sanu. She's incredibly generous, has gorgeous and quirky stuff for sale, and does competitions often, which I seem prone to winning! Oh my gosh! I nabbed one of her gorgeous Winkle sets, after answering a quiz question correctly and I'm so flabbergasted and happy! The only thing is that now I'm going to have to buy December Larkham's 'Perry' set, that inspired Sanu's 'Winkle' sets. And once I get that, think I'm going to have to get the pink Winkle set too. =X (I'm going to have to wait till a sale on account of being flat broke though)! See what you started, Sanura? I'm so greatful! I didn't even realise what the prize was that until halfway through the party when I looked at what she gave me. (Stupid Dunneh). x3 So here it is below, the amazing Winkle set in green.

Set: Sanu - Green Winkle Set - $375L - (Includes 3 different earring pairs-- only 2 styles shown. As well as two styles of chokers. Alternate colors are pink and baby blue.)

Now Sanu has so many amazing things on offer right now, that I can't even keep up with it all! First thing is first! CUPCAKES! Again, everyone loves Cupcakes! There's a gigantic luckydip cupcake just inside the store, that you can nom nom at and grab a different cupcake every 20 minutes! And there's 72 different kinds in there! Mouth cupcakes, head cupcakes, pandy cupcakes, shoulder cupcakes, kitty cupcakes, mousie cupcakes! So cute! Even hand-held ones with a cherry on top! And don't forget to join the group, because Sanu treats us all really well! There's four past group gifts to nab, including the ice-cream ribbon around my neck below, as well as St Patrick's Day gift (a green recolor of the Greatest Love monocle.) Also, grab the earrings to go with that for $1L inside the store!

All Cupcakes: Sanu - $0L - (Cupcake Lucky dip! Nom nom the giant Cupcake! 72 different kinds!)
Necklace: Sanu - Icecream Ribbon - $0L - (Group Gift. Join Group)

She also has another hunt on, the Adventure Quest, and let me tell you; it's awesome. It's a lot similar to Pip's Quest but even more fun than that, I thought. I had a complete ball and I loved every second of it! I might be gushing a little too much, but when I was doing it, I had this big goofy grin! I love hunts like this. I wish more designers did it this way; most hunts are just mindless zooming and clicking, and Sanu's hunts, to me, are everything a hunt should be. It's not hard, but you have to think a little! It's do-able and fun, which is the main thing. I loved it! And the prizes, ooh the prizes. Take a look-see:

Set:Sanu - Adventure Quest Set - (Not Shown: Nose Stud, Mouth Key, Mouth Bunny, Alternate lip-ring, Belly ring).

With that, it's waaaay past my bed-time. Whew. I have work tomorrow and as usual I'm goofing off.

As always, thank you for reading!