Another quickie today... (I know you love it my quickies, though, so shush.) I have jury duty in the morning, and it's 3am already-- (OH JOY) so, I haven't got time to find the perfect location today, and I cheated by using Ann Otoole's Photogarden. So anyways, [LCKY] is a great new (to me)store that I found through Gabi's lovely blog. (Thanks Gabi!You rock!) And I got a notice today telling me to get my butt down to the store because Mamini Akami just released some new freebies!

Hair: - [LCKY] - Paige (Black) - $0L - (Join Group. Gift #2. Also includes shirt & purple cords)
Shirts: - [LCKY] - HamHam Jersey/Sanrio Tank - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Pants: - [LCKY] - Blue Corduroy - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Necklace: - [LCKY] - Rainbow Choker - $0L - (right of the entrance)
Glasses: - [LCKY] - Reading Glasses - $0L - (past store freebie. Doesn't seem to be avail. anymore)
Skins: - [42] - Goth Skins Bubblegum/Blood - $0L -

Please note, that the blue undershirt in my pics is my own, and that the shirts featured aren't two-toned or anything like that. Sorry. And I added a stickynote to the side for sales announcements. Obviously, [42] is having a sale, but the two skins featured in my post are freebies that are just near the entrance.

Gotta run, guys and girls! Mwah!