A quickie...

Heya Naffers, I'm so sorry about my lack of updates! Here I am finally settled in the new layout. It's not been easy and this is primarily why I've taken so long. But the boring stuff about that can wait till after the pretty pretty pics! Just a quickie today, I'm afraid!

Lollipop: - (Not true to size! Actual lollipop is mouth sized)Sanu! - $15L - (Random Chance 1 in 15)

I know, I know, I blogged about Sanu last time. But she's sweet and incredibly generous. I do recommend you join her group if you like jewelery, candy and other quirky things. It's more than worth it. She also does fun competitions that are great to enter. Like the lollipop one she did recently! It was to take a creative pic using the fuchsia lollipop she set down in her store. Long story short, I was one of the three winners! That was my winning entry above. I'm so happy! Thank you Sanu! I really really really wanted to win as I have such a thing for candy in SL (well in RL too). Keep in mind, my theme for my entry was 'inside Dunneh's dreams' -- and I'd love nothing more than to slurp on a yummy giant lollipop! The actual lollipops are mouth-sized.

It was so much fun taking that pic, but I did get some odd reactions.. my brother said it looked kinda rude. Err, okay. Here's another pretty pic to distract you before I go back to talking about myself the blog.

Lollipop: - (Not true to size! Actual lollipop is mouth sized) - Sanu! - $15L - (Random Chance 1 in 15)

And back to the boring stuff...

I noticed that my old blog template was broken (misaligned) in IE7. Even though I'm on Vista, I prefer to use Firefox, so I hadn't noticed... however the perfectionist in me just couldn't settle on that template knowing it was like that. When Raven said she found another blog using the same butterfly template, that pretty much made my decision for me-- and... countless hours looking for a layout later, as well as countless hours fixing the layout, here I am!

So that's why I haven't posted for a while. It's been like pulling teeth-- I got the layout all prepped and ready to go on a test blog-- only to have blogger reject it when I went to install. I tried every fix imaginable, re-coding, re-naming widget numbers bla bla bla. Nothing worked. I couldn't bear starting from square one and finding a different layout after deciding on this one-- so I remade NAF-Blog by making a new blog, changing the URL of the old one and giving it to this one. Hence, the url and the posts got imported over, so nothing has changed really. I just lost my followers is all. *sob* ... ... it's so lonely...!

Anyway, It's midnight here and I'm coming down with something, so I'm off to sleep. But I appreciate everyone who still reads my blog and I promise I'll come up with a new detailed post soon. I love you guys, I hope you like the new layout!