Cute & Inexpensive!

Cute & Inexpensive are up there as my two favourite combos! So, I stumbled across a store today called *Mauloa Island* that fulfills both those criteria! Now, It's not the haute couture capital of fashion, but it's cheap and a really cute store with some nice things to be had. Inside you'll find inexpensive furniture, hair, and clothing. There's two lucky boards, and freebies/dollarbies tucked away in the corners of the store. I don't think I can even blog them all! But I'll try!

Before that though-- run down to Pudge! Quick! Turns out that they are discontinuing some of their old styles, at 75L per color pack. You can find them at their Starlust @ Floyd location, and keep in mind that the discontinued styles are just outside the store, at the drive through panels right of the entrance. That's not all though! They have a mini-sale going on on selected styles inside the store, namely Do Me Seymour, Piggy Moffit, Foolish Heiress, Maude the Mod -- they're all $125 until tomorrow, Friday the 13th (I hope till the end of the day because I only got the notice now!) So be quick!

Also, Bebae has spoiled us with a luscious new skin in the group notices, as well as announcing her new Coral line of skins, so check it out! EDIT: I didn't notice, as I was already part of Bebae's group, but the group is $100L to join now.

Skin: - Bebae - Coral *Gift - $0L - (Group Gift. Check notices. $100L to join.)
Hair: - Pudge - Do Me Seymour (Dark Brown) - $125L - (Sale Price. Pack of 3 col. Reg. $225L)
Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).
Top&Skirt - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Border Set - $1 - (In corner on wall)

Romi Skin & Hair released another group hairstyle! It's also black, and has various sizes (although it's a bit too big for me, It's still adorable and wispy. Woo.) And check out the cute ring. I found a cute jewelery store called Puncute on my travels. It has a cute apple-shaped ring, too.

Skin: - Lazolli - Lucy 002 - $1L - (Release Gift)
Hair: - Romi Skin - Hair01(Black) - $0L - (Group Gift. Check Notices)
Dress: - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Flower Chunniku - $1L -
Pose: - V Poses - 'FM' #3 - (Was free, not sure if it is any longer)
Ring: - Puncute - Heart Ring - $1L -
Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).

Yet another cute dress by Mauloa, this heart texture must be one that's going around. It reminds me of the one I saw at Kuri*Style? Anyway... I love the bow to bits!

Skin: - Lazolli - Lucy 002 - $1L - (Release Gift)
Hair: - Pudge - Do Me Seymour (Light Brown) - $125L - (Sale Price. Pack of 3 col. Reg. $225L)
Dress - Mauloa Island - Mauloa Gift Onepiece - $1L - (In corner on wall)

Ooh, before I forget; Panjen has these amazing line of eyes out, and she's offered the cyan one free. I've used those eyes in each of my shots even though I swapped skins and stuff.

Eyes: - PanJen - *chemistry* cyan - $0l - (Group Gift. Check notices).

It's no secret that Mochi Milena rocks my socks. And there's a good reason, too! Like awesomely cute eye-patches like the one she just offered to her group. She has a bunch in store, too. Her stuff is amazing, so if you don't go look I'll... glare at you with my one good eye!

And, OMGWTFBBQ! -- DeJavu is back! DeJavu is one of my favourite stores in SL! And with good reason too; the hairstyles they have are adorable, and those who join (or stuck around in) their group get not one free hairstyle, but two, in alternating colors. And they're frikin awesome! Now, the group is closed enrollment, but there's a joiner in their new store. Touch it to join, then check group notices!

Hair: - DEJAVU - Reopen Gift Momo PnB - $0L - (Go to store to join group, then check group notices)
Lollipop: - Sanu - Barbie's Dead Now (Pink) - $15L - (Random Chance 1 in 15)
Eyepatch: - Pink Fuel - Pink Star Eyepatch - $0L - (Group Gift. Check Notices)
Shirt: - Mauloa Island - Spring DOT Chunikku Pink - $0L - (In corner in bag on floor)
Pants:- PeppermintBlue - 090306 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Black Jeans - $0L -
Shoes: - HOC - Chucks - $30L -
Skin: - Rockberry - TMRHE Skin 4 - $0L - (On table behind the free pose box).

Don't forget 'The Most Random Hunt Ever' where RockBerry has re-released four of her past (I think group, as I recognized her holiday one) gifts.

Also, this weeks reader tip is courtesy of Nem, who points out that the HOC (House of Curios) colour-change chucks are a bargain, and that I should probably feature them! and she's right! At just $30L, they're a bargain. They may not be as fancy as the UBU ones (which I also have & love by the way), but they're really great for the price! They have a nice variety of color-change options and are manually re-sizeable. So funky! Thank you Nem!

Peppermintblue has been in overdrive lately. Check out their SilkRoad location, they've released more colors of the sailor uniforms (blue), as well as two new Newbie Assistance Packs today. This means a whole avatar in a box! I actually preferred the two boys avatar packs to the new girls one! So that's what I'm wearing. Isn't argyle groovy?

Hair: - DEJAVU - Reopen Gift Momo CnD - $0L - (Go to store to join group, then check group notices)
Skin: - Olivia (Mainstore seems to be MIA at the moment?) - Olivia Kate Skin - $0L - (Group gift. Check notices).
Top: - PeppermintBlue - 090306 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Grey Washed Out Jeans' - $0L -
Pants: - PeppermintBlue - 090313 Anotherskin Cf0by Assistance Set 'Algyle Layerd Shirts W/DB - $0L -
Shoes: - HOC - Chucks - $30L -

Phew. Another monster post. It always feels like I've just run a marathon! I hope all of you appreciate it! (All two of you)