Sweet Lolita Style

I found a really cute store today with an abundance of sweet lolita type clothing. It's called Likka*House, and inside I found a really cute green gingham apron dress. Isn't it sweet? It's only 20 minutes on the camp-chair, and would have been perfect for St Patrick's Day, if only I had noticed it sooner.

Not only that, I stumbled across a new hair store called ::Liriope:: yesterday. It seems that it has a bunch of opening gift hair out in its main store! It's two hair-styles, and around three or four available colors! It's really cute, too!

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress Check Green - $0L - (20 min. Camp Chair).
Hair: Liriope - LIU Pink - $1L -
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift B - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)

At Likka*House, I also found a cute Gachapon machine; and it has sweet lolita dresses in it for only $10L! This is where my dilemma comes in! I tried four times, and I am sooo unlucky; I got the same outfits twice in a row! Do'h! So I have an extra strawberry dress, and an extra chocolate dress, if anyone wants those two, to swap with any of the other dresses, let me (Dunneh Snookums) know! There's a one in 10 chance and yet somehow I got the same two twice. Otherwise I'll just give them away randomly later. Here they are below, along with the chart of possibilities, and a few more hairs from Liriope!

Dresses: Likka*House
I have an extra set of the strawberry dress and the chocolate dress, so let me know if you want one to swap!

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress 'Chocolate' - $10L - (Gachapon. 1 in 10 chance).
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift A - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)
Hair: ::Liriope:: - YKI 'Blue' - '$1L -

Dress: Likka*House - Alice Dress 'Strawberry' - $10L - (Gachapon. 1 in 10 chance).
Skin: Ami's Style - Gift C - $0L - (Past Group Gift. No Longer Avail.)
Hair: ::Liriope:: - YKI 'Pink' - $1L -

Before I dash, two little secrets! ELISA is having a weekend sale, and all my poses today are from there. Everything is $1L, including poseball furnitre. Her sets of 5 poses are only $5L! I bought her entire store! I'm not exaggerating! And here's another little secret; visit Liriope's Yoshiwara Island Location and you can get a $1L hair that isn't availble in her main store; 'KNKb Pink' -- it's in the pudding! It's very similar to her 'YKI' style but a little different; the bangs aren't parted, for one thing. Plus you get a free pudding for your head!

Another day another post,