A little more sweet charity...

*YAWN* I'm tired. It took me all day to explore the 8 clothing sims that the SL Clothing Fair has set up. It was great fun though, but thanks to that, and something like 14 combined hours of work, I am completely knackered and haven't had time to blog, so my clothing fair post took forever, and I apologise profusely. Anyways, excuses excuses and all that... there was hundreds of charity items on offer at the fair, but my favourite of them all was the stuff elDee had up! This store was new to me, and I can't believe I never noticed it before! The fair still has hundreds of things on show (including dollarbies and freebies) so check it out! It goes to the 22nd, so you still have a bit of time.

Not only that, but Romi Skin has another group gift out, this time it's Romi Skin 9 -- however the group is closed for the time being. It looks like she closes the group with each skin she gives out, so I would join once it gets re-opened. It's freckley goodness! It's really cute-- only thing is that on me, it makes my eyes look teeny-tiny, so I had to wear my lashes with it -- actual skin is sans lashes. Go check it out! Also, W&Y has a new freebie hair at their main store in a box. Isn't it cyoot?

Skin: RomiSkin - Romi Skin 9 - $0L - (Lucky Board. 10 mins.)
Outfit: elDee - Parle? - $200L - (Clothing Fair Booth is here. Mainstore has too, though)
Hair: Waka&Yuki - Dear Waka - $0L -
Pose: PDiddle -
Earrings: PDiddle -
Boots: Heart & Sole -

Also, it's on the sidebar there, but TekuTeku and =EkoEko= are having a sale on all their old stock! Yay! For the TekuTeku hair, it's $50L per 3 color pack of the newer sets and the older sets have all the colors in them. They're located on the green floor inside the store and I don't think it's forever, so be quick! Also, my second elDee RFL outfit is below! And I love this one even more than the other one! It's sooo cyoot.

Hair: TekuTeku - Spring SP (Brown) - $50L - (Pack of 3 colors only + beret)
Dress: elDee - Savvy? - $200L - (Clothing Fair Booth is here. Mainstore has too, though)
Skin: Domestic V

More on elDee, because they also had their new freebies up in their store; as well as a $10L clothing fair hunter pack,complete with belt and eyepatch! Also, don't forget to grab their past freebies, these cute flowy tops that come in three colors!

Outfit: elDee - RFLCF treasure hunter - $10L
Hair: TekuTeku - Old Hair Mash - $50L - (All colors.)
Skin: The Sea Hole - DrinkSkin Pumpkin Tan - $0L
Boot: Kakaue -

Tops: elDee - November Metal: Silver/Black/White - $0L -
Hair: TekuTeku - Coco/Loco/Simple Bob - $50L - (Coco/Loco are 50L per 3 colors, Bob is 50L for all colors).

Almost forgot, this outfit that Umi Usagi had out for the Clothing Fair was fabulous, I lurve eet! And it wasn't expensive, either. I'm really thankful for the designers that did some more affordable charity items, and those that did more than one item for charity. Thanks so much! It was a ball!

Outfit: Umi Usagi - Rabbit Panier Purple Check - $50L - (Relay For Life Charity Outfit).
Hair: TekuTeku - - Cream - $50L - (pack of 3 colors. Hair is being discontinued)
Boot: Kakaue

Well, another one down! Time for me to go! I have tons of more fair stuff to blog, and here's hoping I can do it before end of tomorrow! Thanks all for their continued support!