Being Cute, Japan Style... and Scrumptilicious Sanu!

So guess what? I helped name icecreams for Sanu's icecream competition-- and Sanu picked one of my suggestions! I was so excited when I found out! Until I noticed that I did a little boo boo... -_- because the name I suggested 'Peachy Keen' had been already suggested by the lovely Elliandra Parx. Unfortunately, I didn't read the entries prior to posting my own, and I didn't even notice. I'm really sorry about that Elliandra! So, for the record, she thought of it first, though Sanura was generous enough to give us both the prizes. Thanks Sanu!

... and because I'm a sucker for free icecream, I accepted the gift. I couldn't help it! I absolutely loooove icecream! Besides. I figured it'd be a good thing to blog! I'm kinda sad that my favourite suggestion-- for the green and white icream-- didn't win, though. 'Matcha Ado About Nothing', bwa ha ha! It cracks me up! (I guess only me though... ah well).

So anyway, here it is! One of ten of Sanu's new interactive icecreams that I (kinda) helped name; Peachy Keen!

My icecream defies gravity!

Icecream: Sanu - Triple Scoop: Peachy Keen - $55L - (1 in 10 random chance colors).
Outfit:- Little Britain - English Skater Chick - $0L
Sticky Notes:- Sanu - *Sanu Sticky Notes! (Purple) - $45L - (coloured multi-pack)

So today I noticed a cute lil Japanese store called **Sister Strawberry** -- isn't that name cute? The store is even cuter! It has a few freebies scattered about inside, and the stuff is cute and inexpensive. While I was there, I won the cute purple ensemble from the Lucky Board, and nabbed the freebies on the floor. Furniture lovers take note; it also has some cute inexpensive furniture inside, some for $1L. Very cute indeed! But enough babbling, on to the stuffies!

no one rings for me, sigh

Outfit:- *Sister Strawberry* - camisole&longcheckskirt - $0L - (lucky board, 10 mins)
Sticky Notes:- Sanu - *Sanu Sticky Notes! (Purple) - $45L - (coloured multi-pack)
Hair:- TekuTeku - March Group Gift - $0L
Pose:- Kuri*Style - K*S Pose Pack 4 'mdlstnd' - $10L - (for 3 poses)

It never rings for me! That's the lucky chair ensemble. There's two belt styles (one without a flower), and two skirt styles-- one with a more bell-like shape. Keep in mind the skirt came with no glitch pants though! I had to make some new pants, and match the color to the top. Which I think worked out pretty well. x3

I forgot my keys!

Dress:- *Sister Strawberry* - Malaga Pink - $0L - (On floor on left of entrance. Includes corsage and pearl necklace & earrings.)
Glasses:- /artilleri/ - Gladys Glasses - $0L - (Part of Subscribe O Matic Gift. Not in notices-- you get it when you join. Also includes hair flower and top-- not shown).
Pose:- Kuri*Style - K*S Pose Pack 3 'Huh?' - $10L - (for 3 poses)

Looks like I forgot my keys! Do'h! Pic taken outside /artilleri/... it's not my car, sadly.

So while I was blogging all the goodies at *Sister Strawberry* I got a notice from Romi Juliesse, giving out some adorable hair to her group members! It's a cute lil half-pigtailed updo, and you can get it by joining her group and checking group notices.

rawr, sexy Dunneh!

Camisole:- *Sister Strawberry* - Camisole Dot Pink - $0L - (On floor near left side from main entrance)
Hair:- Romi Skin - Lucy Hair 'Black' - $0L - (Group Gift. Check notices.)
Couch: - *Sister Strawberry* - Sofa Long Funny - 40L - (I didn't buy it, I just posed on it).

I seem to be stripping down too often, lately.

Camisole:- *Sister Strawberry* - Camisole Dot Pink Black - $0L - (On floor near left side from main entrance)
Hair:- Romi Skin - Lucy Hair 'Black' - $0L - (Group Gift. Check notices.)
Couch: - *Sister Strawberry* - sofa BOX funny - 40L - (I didn't buy it, I just posed on it).

And as usual i'm practically living in the skin from Curio -- the only problem is that it makes me look too good! (If that can be considered a problem?)

Gosh! I wish designers would stop updating while I'm trying to finish my post! Grr! I love it though! Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel lovliness, just sent out a notice today announcing her new releases, so check her store out! Of note, though, she says she felt bad that some people couldn't get the cute Panda Avatar she had on sale for $1L for 24-hours a few weeks ago, so she's put the avatar up in her store for $10L for the rest of the month.

panda! panda! panda!

Avatar:- Pink Fuel - Tiny Panda Avatar - $10L - (limited time only. includes 'panda kick' animation. gigantic bunneh not included)

WHEW! I'm done! Go me!


Pictures taken at Little Britain (1st) *Sister Strawberry* (3rd, 4th) /artilleri/ (2nd) and Pink Fuel (5th).