You know you've 'made it' when...

...You get a few of lovely blogs linking you, some followers, ! and a designer asking you to blog something of theirs. (Even though you've never heard of them before, and get the feeling the notecard they sent you was sent to every blogger out there and they probably have never actually read your blog).

...And by 'made it' I mean you know you're 'slightly above mediocrity' Which suits me fine! So this is an exciting time for me. However, it does bring me to my policy on sending me stuff, which I just added in my my Not So FAQ. Just as a point, designers, if you're asking bloggers to blog your items, actually sending them the items might work better than sending them a link to a lucky board they have to wait for. But that's just my opinion. Needless to say, the item (a tattoo) doesn't really suit Dunneh, so it's going to be missed out. Sorry. =X (Though it was very nice from what I could see).

So anyway, I've been meaning to do this for the longest time! Kuri*Style! Everyone has seen the new stuff kuri Karas has out lately. It's been featured all over the place! But stick around in there and you'll realise her store is a treasure trove of stuff! Near the back entrance you'll find tons of adorable poses, in addition to a freebie pose, there's a wall with poses at $10L -- per set of three. That's right! You get three poses for $10L! I nabbed the cute ones, but she has sexy ones there too.

That's not all, either! Scattered around the store there are bargains galore. I found two dresses for $1L near the main entrance on some hangers, as well as a little grey shelf further in with very cute good quality dresses from $10L-30L!

Dress:- Kuri*Style - K*S ONE-PIECE17pinkDOT hangarBOX - $1L - (on hangers with full price dresses, near entrance).
Pose:- Kuri*Style - K*S Pose Pack 4 'K*S Ctst1' - $10L - (for 3 poses)
Hair:- Magika - Betty II 'Black B' - - (Not free anymore)
Eyes: -Kusshon - Poetic Color Eyes - Liquid Amber - $0L
Skin: - Curio - (Join Group)

Dress:- Kuri*Style - K*S ONE-PIECE6flour - $1L - (on hangers by entrance mixed with other dresses).
Hair:- MIU - 'Okappa!' - (I can't remember how I got this. I think it was a freebie)
Skin:- *YourSkin&YourShape* - *YourSkin* ChiaraReloaded_SpringMakeUp - Past Group Gift -

Bikini:- Kuri*Style - BIKINI"FLEND'S" COLOR - $1L - (On the beach outside the shop, contains more than just the color shown. Also contains a white beach wrap. N.B. All bikini's have the 'woot' tattoo on the leg.)
Pose:- Kuri*Style - K*S Pose Pack 3 'rlxstnd3' - $10L - (for 3 poses)
Skin:- Bebae - Belina - (Past Group Gift)
Hair:- DEJAVU - +++DEJAVU+++2009/OTOSHIDAMA - (Past Group Gift. N.B the store is in limbo for now).

Top & Skirt: Kuri*Style k*S ONE-PIECE33ROSE BOX - $10L - (On a small brown shelf near the back exit, with other $10L stuff)
Hair: - TekuTeku - March Group Gift - $0L
Skin: - Lazolli - Julia005 'love lady' - (Past Freebie)
Eyes: - DP YumYum - Moony Eyes 'Glassy:Pink' - $200L - (Not a freebie. Set of 10)

Unfortunately, I love sitting poses, and I keep using them when I wear skirts. Big fashion faux paux, I know. x_X Sorry! Also, my bod doesn't look half bad in a bikini! (Just wait till you see it from the side. Also, I look like I gotta pee from that angle.) And the last pic, I never adjusted my stocking cuff. I do apologise for my laziness. Sorry!

PHEW! As always, posting for me is a hard slog, what with all the slurls and things. I hope you enjoy. By the way this post was image heavy.


Photos taken around Kuri*Style and TekuTeku.