Although in Australia, St. Paddy's day is already over. Again, a quickie, but at least I took the time to take in world pics this time! And it took a lot of time. My SL client is being a complete beyatch today. So I took about a dozen great (in my mind) shots of all the clothes I had put together today; and when I went to resize and whatnot, I noticed that most of them were glitchy and unusable! I only had a couple of photos that were usable. The rest were glitchy, blank (plain black all over) or black sky with random floating polygons. Grr. I tried taking more but I was having the same glitches, and I threw in the towel. As a result, these pics aren't the best. So I do apologise in advance! ANYWAYS.

Hair: - Hal Hina -[sweet pink] Hair-Kate - $0L - (Lucky Board. 10 mins)
Ribbon: - Hal Hina - Stripe Ribbon - $0L - (Group Gift. Join group then touch the board in store)
Dress:- Moxie Polano - MP Woodburn Forest Suede Set - $0L - (Lucky Chair. 5 mins)
Shoes: - 50Flats - Clover Shoe - $0L - (Touch the clover on the wall)
Skin: - Imagen - Lia Oeste - Verde - $1L - (St Patrick's Day hunt)
Eyes: - Miriel - Standard Eyes Aquamarine - $0L - (demos on wall in eye section)

Another green theme, this time courtesy of my fave store, Discord. Unfortunately the photoshoot I had set up for this didn't turn out. =X This was the only salvageable one, and it doesn't show all the skirt. Sorry! Also, the skin from Domestic V is awesome awesome awesome! Definitely check out their small sale! My crappy pics don't do it justice!

Dress: - Discord - 'ALKALOID' JOU-GO Sky x Green - $0L - (Lucky Chair. 2 Mins).
Skin: - Domestic V - DV Marimarlade Sketchy 01 Teal Skin - $25L - (Pack of 15 + 1 skin)
Eyes: - ENDEAVOR - Shiny Eyes Pro M21 - $0L - (Luckyboard)

Well that's it for me! Kisses!