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Avatar: Pink Fuel - White Bunny Avatar - Bunny Hop Gridwide Egg Hunt - $0L

... "Isn't me cyoot?"...

It's been an overwhelming few days! Firstly, unless you've been living under a rock, you would know about the Bunny Hop gridwide hunt going on right now, which is pretty much the biggest event since the Christmas hunt. Unfortunately, I've gone over my downloads this month and my net has been slowed to dialup speed, which basically means that I can't even touch my nose in SL without the client timing out. I've been 'borrowing' (I fully intend to give it back! ¬.¬) the connection next door to try and finish the hunt, but right now it's just a choice between slow and slower. So between that and work (which never ends), I haven't a lot of time to blog. I'm really sorry! I'm still here! I still luff yoos! I have tons of things to blog & promise to post soon! For now, let the cuteness of [Pink Fuel]'s bunny gift, regail you! It also has an adorable piggeh in it that I adore! Go pick it up already!

Kisses! Mwah!