Relay For Life

Hello all. I know I haven't posted very often, but I'm not in Second Life as much as Dunneh. I trust you're all well, and that you like the new layout we put together. First of all, if you haven't heard of Relay For Life: SL Clothing Fair you've probably been hiding under a rock. It's a charity event that benefits the American Cancer Foundation, and it has been a big deal in Second Life for a few years now. It's amazing how much the fair has grown from it's humble beginings, and this year the attentance is amazing. I had the chance to wander to the 'isles' (literally, they are islands) and take a gander at my favorite booths; there are a ton of designers, a ton of people, and a ton of lag. I hope you go low-ARC for a good cause; we're all trying to buy the lovely charity items on offer, and being 1000+ prims makes things difficult for all. So make sure you detach all for the clothing fair. You can check your ARC (Avatar Render Count) by bringing up; advanced options > rendering > info displays > avatar rendor cost Also, The best time to go to the fair-- if you're a night owl like me, is between midnight to 5am SL time. You'll find it less laggy then, so don't be discouraged.

I realize that this post is neither free nor cheap; yet I think we all know someone who have had their lives impaced by cancer, a relative, a friend, ourselves... even our pets. So, if this includes you, I implore you to dig deep for Relay for Life whether in world or out of world. Remember that 300L is barely a dollar. Luckily the amazing designers of Second Life have made it very easy to spend money this week. Here is one thing I picked up, though I have every intention of getting some more. Have fun!

Moxie Polano Haute Couture - Relay For Life Charity Vendor - $500L